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Tanisha-Armaan "nude Bigg Boss news" upsets friends and family of the actress

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COMMENTS FOR Tanisha-Armaan "nude Bigg Boss news" upsets friends and family of the actress
Bisma khan's picture
29 Dec 2013 03:16 AM - Bisma khan (not verified)
I agree with babli and sam..h0w discusting they are so cheaps:-/..
babli's picture
17 Dec 2013 01:57 AM - babli (not verified)
aisa lagta nahi tanisha koi bade ghar ki beti he lagta he ek dum cheap gharane ki he jis ko kabhi khane ko bhi na mila ho or ek dum frasted he sex ke liye
sam 's picture
30 Nov 2013 04:40 PM - sam (not verified)
the fact is dat gauhar kushal moment can be shown in tv cos its not vulgar but tanisha arman's cozying up is always vulgar.......c gives massages in arman's ass every night and sleep next to him :/
Arjun  kapoor's picture
24 Nov 2013 05:17 PM - Arjun kapoor (not verified)
They can do everthing for poblicity they are all chrachterless.
Su's picture
23 Nov 2013 03:55 PM - Su (not verified)
How disgusting to do this to a girl who does does not even wear low necks in the show. Such jealous people can do anything to spoil peoples name
Aliya's picture
23 Nov 2013 03:50 PM - Aliya (not verified)
What fake bullshit news half the websites have Kushal and Gauhars photo kissing in dark and caption says Armaan Tanisha . Such bloody crap
shama fathima's picture
23 Nov 2013 02:08 PM - shama fathima (not verified)
people can do anything for publicity.............
sabZ's picture
23 Nov 2013 03:06 AM - sabZ (not verified)
the rumours are fake about tanisha and armaan but wat abt the way gauhar was moaning in the bathroom when kushal was giving it to her from behind and also gauhar has been sleeping with the bigg boss production team why is this not being discussed gauhar has p lenty of nude pics online being a muslim and doing things like dat she shud be stoned
arpitas's picture
22 Nov 2013 10:44 PM - arpitas (not verified)
Tanisha z nt a child ...whn she signed she knew hw d shw z.....then y d hell join it...n mk ur relative mad outside...she has bcm a slut...
meghna's picture
22 Nov 2013 10:11 PM - meghna (not verified)
She is herself doing damage to her image...and she isnt even realising she is doing sooo wrong...i feel sad for the family really.