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Tanisha-Armaan "nude Bigg Boss news" upsets friends and family of the actress

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COMMENTS FOR Tanisha-Armaan "nude Bigg Boss news" upsets friends and family of the actress
Rikka's picture
22 Nov 2013 12:37 PM - Rikka (not verified)
She is portrayin herself like dis... Its nt da show fault.. Tanisha is a grown women she should kno dat she is part of 2 very well known n respected families... She has nt thort bout it, she has destroyed her total image...
Chloe DSouza's picture
22 Nov 2013 01:11 PM - Chloe DSouza (not verified)
I bet this website, like all others is not gonna publish what I'm about to write for fear of the industry and friends/family of Tanisha Mukherji (dont forget therez twitter and facebook and whatsapp...hahhahah) however I would like to state that the 'NAKED RUMOR' is true! I have seen the actual footage from the live feed and Tanisha is a bloody shame to the Mukherji family. I will make sure that I forward the so called video to all so that ppl are aware of what Salman has been trying to hide for so damn long i.e. Salman being biased towards Tanisha and Armaan no matter what they do in that house....violence, abuses, smooches n now nudity. Everything that any other contestant would get thrown out for especially after being warned by our amusing host (haha) Salman Khan, has somehow been accepted by him with no questions whatsoever. Wow, now thatz what I call 'Being Human' Salman!
Vick's picture
22 Nov 2013 03:14 PM - Vick (not verified)
If this is a rumour then what made Tanisha to say " Na.. Kal raat ko bahut details ho gaya..ab aur details nahi chahiye " when she was talking to Armaan laughing (This conversation happened when Armaan was teasing Tanisha about some thing). What do they think ? that can't we make out what can happen / happened. Common..its an open house..with Live Feed. With all due respect to Mukherjis...if they are really worried about Tanish's image, they should pull out her from BIGGBOSS.
Hahaha's picture
23 Nov 2013 03:54 PM - Hahaha (not verified)
Really you saw footage? why didnt you take a snap and put it up to back your claim. So cheap to lie. I saw footage of Gauhar and Kushal kissing why no fake dirty articles about them? It is very easy to throw dirt on others but if it happen to your own mother or sister you will like it? We are not mad to believe to believe such fake news
ckh's picture
24 Nov 2013 03:52 PM - ckh (not verified)
could u plzz tell me the site wer u have seen dis footage or give me the link
meghna's picture
22 Nov 2013 10:11 PM - meghna (not verified)
She is herself doing damage to her image...and she isnt even realising she is doing sooo wrong...i feel sad for the family really.
arpitas's picture
22 Nov 2013 10:44 PM - arpitas (not verified)
Tanisha z nt a child ...whn she signed she knew hw d shw z.....then y d hell join it...n mk ur relative mad outside...she has bcm a slut...
sabZ's picture
23 Nov 2013 03:06 AM - sabZ (not verified)
the rumours are fake about tanisha and armaan but wat abt the way gauhar was moaning in the bathroom when kushal was giving it to her from behind and also gauhar has been sleeping with the bigg boss production team why is this not being discussed gauhar has p lenty of nude pics online being a muslim and doing things like dat she shud be stoned
shama fathima's picture
23 Nov 2013 02:08 PM - shama fathima (not verified)
people can do anything for publicity.............
Aliya's picture
23 Nov 2013 03:50 PM - Aliya (not verified)
What fake bullshit news half the websites have Kushal and Gauhars photo kissing in dark and caption says Armaan Tanisha . Such bloody crap


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