Vikrant marries Sarita amidst some huge drama in Zee TV's Punar Vivah

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COMMENTS FOR Vikrant marries Sarita amidst some huge drama in Zee TV's Punar Vivah
shalini's picture
10 Sep 2013 11:27 PM - shalini (not verified)
I hate dis punarviva series, I always wanted sarita n raj 2 be close 2 each other.
nshume patience's picture
18 Sep 2013 04:54 AM - nshume patience (not verified)
Vikrant, the perfect man for Sarita,I love your swag men and please don't let Sarita go back to Raj,u know nah he is crazy
shantal's picture
20 Sep 2013 06:48 PM - shantal (not verified)
vikrant your the best man for sarita infact you both are start lving each other don't let sarita go back to raj please hold her and shower her with love don't let her go away from you and abhi
sree's picture
25 Sep 2013 10:58 PM - sree (not verified)
I hate raj very much b'cz didn't about sarita for 10 years. Now its right decision that the marriage between vikrant and sarita. I request the director to make upcoming episodes to create a love between vikrant and sarita plz not allow raj to interfere their life. Vikrant is a very good pair for sarita compare to raj. Plz allow sarita and vikrant love each other.
pooja's picture
27 Sep 2013 11:55 PM - pooja (not verified)
I want sarita and vikrant to be together both are perfect ... Raj don't deserve sarita to v back in his life plz don't let Raj to meddle in btwn Sarita and Vikrant .. I think all ppl are liking the pair of vikrant and sarita ..
Zahra's picture
05 Oct 2013 09:29 PM - Zahra (not verified)
I waant Saritaa and raj togetherr , i really dont understaand the scenariste !!! Sorry for my english
Candy 's picture
11 Oct 2013 09:26 PM - Candy (not verified)
Raj and sirita love the two of them,vik treat her really bad only because of his son he got married and also to show he had power to get what he wants
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