Why Nia Sharma and Nigaar Khan are scared to talk about the infamous Salman-Kushal spat in the Bigg Boss house?

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COMMENTS FOR Why Nia Sharma and Nigaar Khan are scared to talk about the infamous Salman-Kushal spat in the Bigg Boss house?
Ex BB fan's picture
29 Oct 2013 02:16 PM - Ex BB fan (not verified)
He should have reprimanded both Kushal and tanisha as well as armaan. I have stopped watching bigg boss since sat episode.
luvsNiShal's picture
29 Oct 2013 02:42 PM - luvsNiShal (not verified)
good answer by Nia (y)
Arshifan22's picture
29 Oct 2013 02:47 PM - Arshifan22 (not verified)
TC get a life n stop sayin bad about Salman
PiArshifan22's picture
29 Oct 2013 02:49 PM - PiArshifan22 (not verified)
TC get a life n stop sayin tis tat Salman is biased...infact i would say he was tryin save tat stupid Kushal-Gauhar's carrer...
sandia's picture
29 Oct 2013 03:56 PM - sandia (not verified)
stop writing nonsense about salman
Camelopardium's picture
30 Oct 2013 12:03 AM - Camelopardium (not verified)
Salman is a biased host. He has used his money and influence to avoid jail till now. But the law eventually caches up with everybody. If you don't believe me ask Sanjay Dutt...
Dhara's picture
29 Oct 2013 04:00 PM - Dhara (not verified)
Salman is biased towards tanisha for sure
fan's picture
30 Oct 2013 02:10 AM - fan (not verified)
SALMAN not biased towards TANISHA ok. stop writing nonsense things.
Anu101's picture
30 Oct 2013 12:03 AM - Anu101 (not verified)
Nia as usual gave the smart answer. If she had sided with Kushal she would have been bashed and if she would have sided with Salman again they would have bashed her saying that she was jealous about Kushal and Gauhar. Better keep away from this mess girl!!!! You are so better off without this stupid drama
Hema's picture
30 Oct 2013 12:13 AM - Hema (not verified)
Good answer by Nia. Its for her good that she stays away from this whole matter. And Telly Chakkar stop dragging her name into this whole issue. She had nothing to do with it. I am sure Kushal has a lot of other good friends too. I don't see their names dragged in? Just because she is a famous tv star who was a friend of Kushal before he came into BB, it doesn't mean you have to pull her into this whole mess. I hope she stays away from him after BB is over too. The guy is a sick bully who likes to torture others, make fun of their sexuality and thinks it is really cool. He has zilch respect for women unlike he was pretending earlier. Even his long time ex Candy had some really not nice things to say about him. I am just a fan of Nia and don't profess to owning her. Its her own decision to make and my love, respect for her will remain the same regardless of anything decides.


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