Issue dated 8 December 2004
(8 December 2004 2:00 pm)
Poonam Joshi

My Birthday - 23 October

I am - I am a graduate in History from Pune University

I have just - entered Kahaani Ghar Ghar Kii as Chavvi, Chaaya's illegitimate daughter

Being on the "Kahiin to Hoga" sets - is like partying every day

If I had been "Kashish" - the character would have been vile

I have - converted to Buddhism and my mentor is Japanese sensei Ijakeda

My craziest fan - my mom

Most embarrassing moment - tripping and falling flat at Fame multiplex recently in front of at least a 100 people


Acting gives me - a chance to be many persons at different times instead of just one

Most memorable moment - every moment I am recognized on the road

If Shahrukh Khan proposed to me - I would say yes without thinking

Favourite TV actors - Shabbir Ahluwalia and Kiran Karmarkar

My dream man should be - a funny yet chilled out guy, with lots of patience