'Aayushman' kicked out of serial

Vinod Singh's physical assault on a painter on the 'Aayushman' sets yesterday costs him his job



In the end, it turned out be one assault too many. Vinod Singh, who plays medico prodigy Aayushman in the serial of the same name, allegedly bashed up a painter on the sets of the serial on Wednesday night, following it up with some choice abuses.

Production house Cinevistaas has, following the incident, decided to drop him from the show. "He is just too spaced out and can't take pressure anymore," say sources in Cinevistaas. Just last weekend, at an event in Mumbai, Singh was at his ill-mannered best with the organisers of the company hosting the event. He even used foul language against some senior members.

Yesterday, he lost his temper again. This time, he almost lost his sanity, say witnesses.

Outside Cinevistaas' studio at Kanjurmarg in suburban Mumbai, the actor assaulted a painter from the working unit of a film being shot in the same premises.

Reason? The painter had run into an actress (working in Aayushman too) who was walking along the corridor with Singh. Believing that the painter's brush against the actress was no accident, Singh apparently beat up the guy.

The painter received some first-aid from a nearby hospital and was visibly shaken. He then took up the matter with the Cine Workers Association,which promptly complained to the police. A team of the police reached the Aayushman sets in no time.

An FIR was filed against Singh.

When contacted this morning, Singh blamed the production house, Cinevistaas. "I am sure that the painter didn't have honourable intentions. It was a natural reaction. But yes, it could have been controlled. But the fact is, I am too stressed out. I am forced to shoot 16 hours every day, no Sundays, no holidays. They make me work in two units. I was earlier told that my role would would be shortened. Parallel tracks have come up, yet my number of working hours are not decreasing," he said.

The production house confirmed the ugly incident and said that the actor in question was merely cooking up lame excuses. According to a reliable source, "He takes holidays in between. He shoots the normal one-and-half shift. He doesn't wait beyond 9 pm and leaves the set using abusive language. Maybe he has a personal problem."

Despite pleas from Singh's family members to Cinevistaas, a decision was taken by late afternoon that he would be dropped from the show.

As of now, Aayushman's future appears bleak. For details on the future of the show, stay tuned....