Manav and Shweta to do a cameo in 'Instant Khichadi'

Shweta Kawatra and hubby Manav Gohil will make a special appearance in Star One's Instant Khichadi. The couple

Manav and Shweta : special appearance!

seems to be seen on the telly together quite often these days, with them being guests on Sony's Batliwallas…just the other day!

The famous dysfunctional Parekh family of Instant Khichdi has been neglected and treated as laughing stocks one takes them seriously and no one likes to socialise with them. But finally they are invited to be a part of the 'Rich-People's club'...and it's time for them to get a makeover for this special occasion. Manav Gohil and Sheweta Kawatra will appear in a cameo as makeover experts.

The family of 'Instant Khichadi': makeover time!

In the episode, Wilson (Manav Gohil) and Cindy (Shweta Kawatra) the makeover artists set out to transform this quirky family into a picture perfect one. Though Cindy is apprehensive to take this task, Wilson is willing to give them a fresh start. After a constant effort by Wilson and Cindy, the commotion begins to settle down and all start to behave in a civilised manner.

Will the makeover artists succeed? Only time will say. Watch out for the Parekh Family this Tuesday.

Meanwhile, both Manav and Shweta will soon be part of new shows.While Manav will co-anchor a reality show called Fame Academy on Sony, Shweta will be seen in Crime and Punishment on Sahara Samay Rashtriya.

By THE TELLY CHAKKAR TEAMPosted on 22 April 2005
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