Gauri Pradhan to star in 'Special Squad'

Gauri Pradhan will soon be seen in a new avatar on Star One's crime show, Special Squad.

Gauri Pradhan: In a new avatar!

Gone will be the usual melodrama that was so much a part of Kyunki…, she will play the rough and tough lady who will take on crime.

"Yes, I will be a part of Special Squad permanently!", says Gauri, who seems quite excited about her role in the serial because it gives her an opportunity to do something absolutely different.

Gauri will sign the contract on thursday and will also have her photographs taken to finalise her look. "They will shoot me in sarees and western wear to finalise my look in the serial," says Gauri.

When we called up the current leading lady on Special Squad, Kuljeet Randhawa, she had a very different story to tell. "I am aware that Gauri is coming on the show, but I was told that she will be there for a certain amount of time. Anything can happen in a television script," she pointed out. Kuljeet plays Shaina, the psychoanalyst, who is the right hand man of Aryan, the leader of Special Squad, played by Bhanu Uday. Recently in the serial, she has been handed the reins of the squad in the absence of Aryan.

The buzz is that the unit is not very happy with Kuljeet's behaviour on the sets. She is known to have kept the whole unit waiting for her more than once. Is it the end of the road for her? No one knows at present.

Meanwhile, Gauri Pradhan candidly admits that she was not thrilled about playing a 60 year old woman, but she hopes that if she has to do it then at least she should have a strong script backing it. "I find it creatively impossible to do something that I don't relate to. It is very impractical to do shows where you play a 60 year old, but retain the beauty of your youth. The whole cast of Kyunki… is young now, imagine seeing them old in a matter of a few episodes. Old, but without wrinkles," she laughs.

What we understand, but she doesn't reveal is that she is bored with what she is doing and the Star One show has come as a breath of fresh air for her!

By ANANYA SENGUPTAPosted on 7 April 2005
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