Issue dated 5 January 2004
(11 January 2005 8:00 pm)


Sai Deodhar

to wed

Shakti Anand!


Wedding bells continue to ring in Indian television! It's now Sai Deodhar and Shakti Anand's turn!

The duo has decided to tie the nuptial knot. The engagement ceremony is slated for 14 January. The wedding will follow shortly. The two actors have worked together in Miditech's Saara Akaash since the past 30 months. But love seem to have happened, rather, discovered, recently.

Sai Deodhar had a 'good friend' in Chaitanya Tambe. 6 October, Telly Chakkar had revealed, "He was 19, she was 16. They were childhood friends. He went away to the US. A year or two later, he saw some of her pictures which her dad had despatched. Oh boy, she has grown, sorry, blossomed- he felt. Messages became more lovey-dovey and they found that they had a lot in common. Latest, Sai flew down to the US and spent 15 days with him and his family." There was no kazi out here in this miyan-biwi story, but still, their story did not head for a fairy-tale ending.

Reason? Sai discloses, "I realised we were not made for each other. There was definitely some chemistry between Shakti and me from the beginning, which however we failed to realise, was much more than just chemistry."

"I had a long talk with my mom and she could see that I used to miss him too much whenever he was not around. Suddenly she popped the question, 'What when the serial gets over?' That hit me real hard. I realised yehi pyaar hai."

Sai goes on to add that Shakti had initially proposed to her some time ago, but somehow she hadn't taken it very seriously. Apparently, the girl hadn't closed her mind on Chaitanya then.

On the other hand, Shakti has, in the past, been involved with co-artistes Rupali Ganguly and Sonal Sehgal. "That is the past. I have seen Shakti through these times. I know everything. We love each other too much.We think we have come of age to understand our mistakes, feelings and start life together," says a cool Sai.

Shakti too is on cloud nine. According to him, "Sai is a very genuine person. Her honesty and clean heart attracted me to her. I decided that I could not lose her and that we must settle down quickly."

While Shakti's parents are in Delhi, Sai's parents reside in Mumbai (Juhu). The couple after marriage will stay in Shakti's new flat in Lokhandwala, Andheri. "I have just done it up six months ago and I am looking forward to D-day," the dulha-to-be concluded with a beetroot face.