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"I did think about why I was not even nominated"

The Gwalior guy - Sharad Kelkar, was a Grasim Mr India finalist; an MBA in marketing and is now recognised as the undisputed hunk of two Zee TV serials - Sindoor and Saat Phere. His journey into showbiz began with advertising. A small cameo in the offbeat National Award-winning Marathi film, Uttarayan, whetted his appetite and he started doing the rounds of production houses.

A cop's role in Akrosh, a few episodes in Bhabhi and Sharad's television innings was off to a good start. Along the way he met and married TV actor, Keerti Gaekwad. The twosome romanced as an on-screen couple in Sindoor, but it was in Nach Baliye 2 that this duo got to exhibit their chemistry which also got them 'the cutest couple' title.

In a free wheeling chat with Prashant Golecha, Sharad talks about his journey till now.

"Nahar is quite like me"

Did it pinch that unlike your co-star Rajshree Thakur (Saloni) you weren't nominated for any awards this year?
I did think about why I was not even nominated. But then I consoled myself saying maybe next year I'll win an award! After all I will be an actor all my life now. Moreover, I also believe that if you can recognition in form of awards, success often goes to one's head. People appreciate me so much that awards don't matter that much.

What has been the response to your character Nahar, in Saat Phere?
The credit for the success of Nahar and show goes to the writer. I fitted the bill for the role.

How much do you relate to Nahar?
Nahar is quite like me, he loves his wife and family just like I do. But he's also a bit short tempered which I'm not. I have lots of patience and I'm a total extrovert.

Was it easy getting Saat Phere?
In a way it was, though I had been struggling for few months. It was actually Shweta Kawaatra who was instrumental in me getting Saat Phere. It was she who informed me that the casting was on so I should give an audition, which I did and was soon selected. Although I had to also give a lot of look tests for the role. Manav and Shweta are our good friends.

"Good looks are vital in today's times"

Which is the first show you actually shot for, Saat Phere or Sindoor?
I actually shot for a pilot for Kuuch Dil Mein Hai. But I had a dialogue delivery problem and I couldn't deliver the goods, so I was replaced. In June 2005 I got married and within seven days of marriage I took up Saat Phere. But it was for Sindoor that I shot first.

Do you think your wife Keerti is lucky for you?
Of course, It's she who taught me basics of acting, how to face the camera and improvise on my dialogues.

Does having a spouse in the same profession help?
Yes it does. If your partner is a house wife, once you're home she will ask all about what happened on the sets. Whereas since my wife is an actress we don't talk or discuss work at home. Also, she perfectly understands my erratic shooting schedules and the industry. We prefer to spend time with each other.

Are good looks an important criteria for being a successful TV actor?
In today's times it is vital. The fan following of actors is more than the characters they essay.

"My wife Keerti has taught me the basics of acting"

After a stint in films, though in Marathi, do you aim for Bollywood now?
No one has approached me for Hindi films nor have I approached anybody. When I have lived up to my responsibilities I will think about it.

Any passion other than acting?
I used to be fond of singing to some extent at one point of time. I even thought of considering it as a career option.

Who are your closest pals in this industry?
My friend's list includes Manav and Shwetta, Sachin Shroff, Rahul Lohani, and Shabbir Ahluwalia. And yes, not to forget the Saat Phere and Sindoor co-stars.

What are your immediate future plans?
My current priority is to buy a big house.

Posted on 2 December 2006 6:30 pm
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