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Aashka out, Shama in, in Jet Set Go

J et Set Go's all set to bid adieu to one of its star anchors! Just about a month old, Star One's Jet Set Go is already in the thick of things with Aashka Goradia being replaced by Shama Sikander amidst a lot of confusion as the anchors claim that none of them were aware of this twist in the format before signing the show. Interstingly, both the channel and the production house (Optymistix) have different stories to tell.

Aashka with one of the contestants

"We were certainly not aware of the format when we signed the contract. We got to know about it a little later," says Gurdeep Kohli, one of the anchors on the show. On being asked her, whether she was upset about the turn of events, the lady replied in the affirmative. "It certainly was extremely upsetting for all four of us. We were in shock. Aashka and me became so close to each other, that it was very difficult to accept it," sighs the lady.

Kiran Dubey, on the other hand was at her diplomatic best. "It's the format of the show, but we got to know about it during the shoots. We were a little upset, as we four became really thick in the course of time. But anyway, it's a game show, and not an IAS examination!"

Tassnim too played it safe. "I really don't want to comment on this and get into any controversy." Further adding, "I cried when I got to know that Aashka will be bidding adieu to the show. The meaning of competition won't change if Shama or any other actor is roped in, the competition has always been fierce for me, whether it's my professional or personal life," says Tassnim.

The creative head of Star One, Shailja Kejriwal has a completely different story there. "Yes, she might or might not go out of the show. I have not kept a track on it. But, anyway, it was already decided that every eighth episode will witness an exit of one anchor." On asking her whether the actors knew about it, she sternly answers, "Definitely they knew about it, we are the broadcasters after all. And we are very much sure that they knew about it."

Shama Sikander

"Even after we got to know about the format a little later, we thought that the present anchors will go on for at least 25 episodes, but I guess this is what the channel wants, and we will have to follow the rules of the game," says a visibly upset Gurdeep.

To add to all this confusion are the producers Sanjiv Sharma and Vipul D Shah from Optymistix, who say, "It must be a kind of joke which is going around everywhere. Aashka is not out; she is very much on the show. Shama will be on the show as a special guest," says Shah.

Tassnim's the highest scorer at the moment

Everything seems crystal clear when Aashka herself talks about it, "Yes, I am out of the show. We didn't know about the format, and I guess that's a good thing, because if we knew about it from the very beginning, then there wouldn't have been any excitement on the show." She adds, "Yes, everyone was upset about the entire thing, but it's a game after all, I am not loosing my life over it." On asking whether she will miss JSG, she chips in, "Well, I am not upset about being eliminated, but definitely I will miss running on the roads, as it was something different I got to do."

Shama Sikander the new anchor on the show who is to enter the show on the last week of April, is not really aware of the happenings around her. "Nothing is finalised as of now, but most probably I will be doing the show." On being asked about Aashka, she says, "Am I replacing Aashka? I have no clue about it. I'll come to know about it in a few days."

Quite a quandary this is! Naa????


Posted on 29 March 2006 9:30 pm
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