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"If anyone talks to me rudely I become sad"

This is one lady who's sure to make Laloo proud! Wondering why? Well, Pariva Pranati the lead in Star Plus' new historical, Prithviraj Chauhan is a Bihari and she tells anyone who's willing to listen that she belongs to Laloodom. Having done cameo's in Bhabhi , Hotel Kingston and Don this young actor is playing Prithviraj Chauhan's (Angad Bedi's) love interest in the show. This avid movie buff has refused some raunchy music videos which came her way recently because she is completely against skin show.
Kavita Shyam spoke to perky Pariva


My father is an Air Force officer so I have been traveling all over India. I am a Bihari and I visit Patna during holidays. I studied in Delhi at Lady Shree Ram College where I completed History honours and my ambitions would keep changing every few months - I wanted to become a doctor, an IAS officer, Airforce officer, advertising professional until I decided to get into acting. Destiny got me to this profession and I have grown up watching television and movies.

I've not done modeling but have some cousins in the media profession and thought of getting my portfolio done and circulating it. I worked in Bhabhi where I played Sanyukta and was a part of the twenty year leap and the shot has taught me the technical aspects and trained me as an actor. My track in Don is yet to be aired and I'd done an episodic in Hotel Kingston where the Sagars liked my work and finally after an audition I get to play Sanyogita in Prithviraj Chauhan. My inspiration is Rani Mukherjee, I loved her in Black and I love her voice.

I play…
I am glad they thought of me to play Sanyogita, the princess in Prithviraj Chauhan. I am quite confident that the show will do well as it's a huge show. My character falls in love with Prithvi without seeing him instead has only heard stories about his bravery. Not many historicals are made today and I have been able to get out of the Bhabhi mould with this show. I'll soon start reading up books and searching the internet on Prithviraj Chauhan.

Working with Angad Bedi(my co-star)
So far I've shot the promo and it's been a good experience working with him. Once while shooting, I was horse riding with Angad and I fell down, I didn't get hurt because of my heavy clothes and jewelery saved me but Angad got hurt.

Pariva off screen
I am a very emotional person and if anyone talks to me rudely I become sad. I love painting and have learnt pot making from my mother, I can listen to music twenty four hours a day and I am particularly fond of Sufi music.

Projects in hand
I am anchoring a show for a USA based channel wherein I talk about Indian culture and my Hindi became better after this show. Anchoring requires more confidence than acting because the minute one becomes dull on screen, it shows and one goes down. I can do films if it's a very good offer else I am happy doing television. For the next one year I'd be busy with Prithviraj Chauhan.

Posted on 11 May 2005 7:30 pm
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