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"My life has taken a spiritual turn" Kiran Kumar

Tellywood has proved to be a heaven for Bollywood's unhappy souls. Veteran actor Kiran Kumar, whose best years in Bollywood were lost to shoddy films, made the most of his opportunities on the small screen. And today he's ranked among the finest actors of Indian television.

Kiran, currently playing the role of Mr.Sahni in Star Plus' Meri Awaaz Ko Mil Gayee Roshni. He was also seen in Viraasat, which has been abruptly pulled off air. Here in an exclusive interview with Mayur Lookhar, the senior actor gets candid about his personal life as well as his first international project

Why did we see such an abrupt end to Viraasat?
Abrupt end to the last episode but not to the show. It's only the end of the season. Last episode saw Raj Malhotra escaping from the police and he vowed to comeback. So, I'm sure the show will resume from where if left. Viraasat will definitely come back.

Do you think that Rohit' Roy's decision to quit affected the show?
Not at tall. The script was predetermined. It's wrong to say that Rohit's choice resulted in show's closure. No actor is indispensable. Daily soaps are all about twists and turns. As actors, we are quite familiar with it.

Are you happy with your character in Meri Awaaz …?
So far, it's been a pleasurable experience. Meri Awaaz a refreshing story and my character is a challenging one too and I'm enjoying playing it.

New offers from Tellywood?
Ever since Viraasat took a break, people know that I have the dates available now. I've been offered 5-6 major projects. So, I'll weigh all of them and then decide what's best for me. It will be premature to talk about them now.

What about films?
I'm all thrilled after doing my first international project. Directed by New Zealand's Ken Khan, the film is titled Love has no language.As the name suggests it's a love story and we shot in London. Rati Agniotri, Celina Jaitley and I form the Indian star cast. The rest of the crew is international. Also, I'm in talks for another international film that's likely to be shot in UK.

Why is it that Bollywood actors can get roles in TV but the latter can't make it big in Bollywood?
I don't agree with it. Television actors work around 25 days in a month,. Thus, they don't have the time to commit themselves to films. Bollywood bigwigs do watch telly actors and they do approach the good actors.

How do you view Bollywood today?
It has improved by leaps and bounds. Things are more organized and professional. That's why we get to see such great films today.

As a Kashmiri, how do you view the situation in Kashmir today?
It's quite long since I traveled to Kashmir. I last visited the place when I was shooting for the film Agnipankh. We didn't experience any trouble. Often, the media tends to cook up stories. I'm not aware of the current scenario but I'd like to say that what was once a heaven has turned into a hell.

Though you're the son of the legend Jeevan, you have charted your own success. This truly must be pleasing for you.
Indeed. As the son of a legend, it helps you to get a foot in the industry but thereafter you have to find your own way. I take pride in the fact I've created my own success. More than anything else, I'm glad that I've always taken independent decisions. Not all were right, but I've have no qualms over it.

You once stated that you are a dissatisfied soul. Are you at peace now?
I'm very much at peace with myself. My life has taken a spiritual turn. I'm not religious by nature but I do believe in God and the human spirit… and miracles too. Above all, I've discovered the truth that love is the essential of life. It's only when you spread love that you gain it yourself.

Miracles! Can you sight an example?
If I were to tell you, then it wouldn't remain a miracle anymore.

Finally, you're an ardent admirer of Sachin Tendulkar. Should he retire from cricket?
No. He still has a lot to offer to Indian cricket. Cricket has always been my passion and I've been an avid admirer of Sachin. Despite my busy schedule, I make it a point to watch the little master play. I was peeved with Umpire Simon Taufell when he gave Sachin out in the Trent bridge test. If ever I'll meet Taufell, I'll slap him.




Posted on 6 Aug 2007 5:30 pm
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