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Know Deepa Parabís marriage plans

After a 10 year courtship Deepa Parab aka Sneha of Thodi Khushi Thode Gham is soon to tie the knot with long time sweetheart, Ankush Choudhary. Deepa got engaged to on the 23rd November, 2007 and now will wed this January. A hardcore Maharashtrian at heart Deepa wants her marriage to take place according to proper Maharashtrian customs. We spoke to an excited Deepa and found out her plans for her marriage and future.

When are you getting married?
The date is not fixed as yet, but we are planning to get married in January Ď08.

What is the venue?
I want to get married in my college, Maharishi Dayanand College. If everything falls in place I will have my wish fulfilled.

What are your honeymoon plans?
We have decided to go to Mauritius.

According to what custom/tradition are you getting married?
Oh! It is going to be a traditional Maharashtrian wedding. We will follow all the customs that a Maharashtrian wedding has.

How did you meet him?
He is a Marathi film director cum actor. I met him during my college days. Our love started on our college campus and that is the reason I want my marriage to take place in my college. It will be a special feeling.

What is that one thing you like in him the most?
His dedication. He is a very dedicated person and not just to the relationship but also to his work.

What are you wearing for the D-day?
I will wear a traditional nine yard Maharashtrian sari, which is yellow in colour. Then all the traditional jewellery like pani haar, todya-patlaya, etc.

What is Ankush wearing?
I donít have any idea. I think he will be wearing a kurta-pyjama. I want him also to be dressed in a traditional costume that Maharashtrian grooms wear.

Tell us about your engagement ring and also your wedding ring?
My engagement ring is a solitaire. It is a diamond studded ring. I donít like jazzy stuff. I also donít prefer heavy jewellery. I like to keep it simple. We Maharashtrians donít have a ring for the wedding. It is the mangalsutra that you get for the wedding.

Have you bought any wedding gift for Ankush?
I have bought him scarves.

What is your biggest wedding expense?
I think it is the reception.

What is the downside of marriage?
With marriage comes a little bit of restrictions. You have to take permission from your elders. Ha ha ha ha.

How soon are you going to get back to work?
I canít say anything about that right now. I think I will take a break of 20-25 days and then resume work. Also that Thodi Khushi Thode Gham is off-air so I can afford a break.

Any projects in the pipeline?
Yes, I will be doing a Marathi movie Urus. Also there are some commercials. I have signed a one year contract with Lifebouy. There is a Hindi serial in the pipeline which I canít reveal much about.

By Neha Maheshwri
Posted on 21 Dec 2007 8:00 pm
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