Beyhadh 2 10th February 2020 Written Update: Maya recalls Antara contribution

MUMBAI: The episode starts with Maya saying that she realized whatever happened after meeting Antara. In a flashback, Maya recalls meeting Antara and telling her what MJ did with her. Antara hugs her and tells her that she is with her and will get justice for her. In present Diya is seen taking Antara upstairs. Maya comes in front of her and asks her if she remembers what she did to her.Flashback continues and Antara is seen taking Maya in MJ’s room where he and Diya are there too. Antara pushes Maya on the ground and says to MJ that he can do whatever he wants outside but not in her house. She blames Maya for having an affair with an already married man and then walks away asking MJ to throw Maya out of her house and the city.

In the present Diya taunts Maya. Maya puts a foot in front of Antara and makes her fall on the ground. Antara gets up and Maya says that she had said that this house is Mrs. Roy’s and she is Mrs. Rudra Roy now. She grabs Antara’s hand and puts it on her head asking for blessing. Rudra comes and asks what happened. Maya says that she was about to get hurt but she reached there on time. Rudra is proud of his wife. He tells Antara that she will soon fall in love with his Maya too. Maya says that only a woman can understand another woman’s pain so she will always take care of Antara.

Maya recalls in a flashback that Antara had said that only a woman can understand another woman’s pain and now she can understand the pain she went through when MJ touched Maya. MJ pushes Maya and Jogi ,MJ’s driver, holds her before she can fall. He asks MJ to spare and forgive Manvi. Jogi takes Maya away. Maya tries to convince MJ to accept the baby. Jogi drags her out. He tells Maya that MJ is very dangerous and suggests her to get her baby aborted and then leave the city. Maya cries hugging him. Maya in the present thinks that MJ was celebrating thinking that he got rid of Manvi but Manvi came back one last time.

In a flashback MJ is shown celebrating. Media comes and MJ says that Antara is the reason behind his success. Reporters start questioning MJ for leaving a girl with whom he had an affair. Antara threatens MJ to leave her house with Rudra and Rishi if this thing gets dragged anymore. MJ denies everything in front of the media. Reporter tells him that the girl has arranged a press conference the next day. MJ says that if she was saying the truth she would have kept the press conference today itself. Maya cries feeling defeated. She thinks that she has to get her family far or else MJ could harm her family. She receives a call from Jogi who asks her why she did all this. Maya cries saying that she can’t kill her baby. Nandini calls her downstairs. Jogi cuts the call. Maya hugs her family picture apologizing. Suddenly she hears some voices as Nandini asks some people who they are. Maya rushes downstairs and sees Amir with two other men there. He shows her a pistol hiding it from Nandini and Manas. Maya tells them that they are people from her office. She hugs them both and asks Manas to take care of her mother. She sees Jogi with Amir and others too and realizes he has betrayed too.

In the present Nandini calls Maya and asks her if she is fine and about Rudra too. Maya tells her that she has found her love. She asks her to give the phone to Rajiv. Nandini does that and Maya asks him not to make Nandini call her again and also asks her to congratulate her for her wedding. She cuts the call leaving Rajiv confused. Maya looks at the picture of Roy family and says that MJ betrayed her but now she got back her love and strength from Rudra which will help her to take revenge. A boy delivers a parcel for Maya who looks at it saying it is her wedding gift.


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