Beyhadh 2 7th February 2020 Written Update: Maya reveals how MJ tried killing her baby

MUMBAI: The episode starts with MJ grabbing Maya’s face and asking her how she dared coming back into his life. Maya recalls getting beaten in the past and then her moments with Rudra. MJ threatens her to complete the work he had left incomplete last time. Maya takes Rudra’s name and MJ turns around to see if he has come. Maya smirks realizing he got scared and tells him that she is Rudra’s wife now and she is happy with this title. She takes Rudra’s name again and tells him that Mr. Roy (MJ) came to give her blessing. Maya asks MJ if she should call him dad. She smiles holding Rudra’s arm. Amir comes asking Rudra and MJ to go to Antara. They leave. Maya falls down crying as she had got scared but Rudra’s bracelet gave her strength. Rudra comes and Maya hugs him crying. Rudra asks her what happened. Maya says that so much happened in his house because of her. Rudra says that it’s their house. Maya apologizes and Rudra says that it’s not her mistake and Antara just got low blood pressure. Rudra notices the pages of Maya’s book on the table and wants to have a sneak peak in them but Maya stops him saying that he will be allowed to read the book only when she finishes writing it. Rudra says that she wanted to finish it in Rishikesh and Maya replies that she got busy. Rudra pulls her leg and she smiles. Maya asks Rudra to leave as she wants to finish some chapters today only. Rudra kisses her forehead and leaves.

Maya recalls in a flashback that she had decided to leave MJ and the job until he has his family’s responsibility on him and writes the same in a letter. She goes to give the resignation letter to Amir and finds Sudip (Ananya’s father) there. Sudip tells her that MJ talks about her a lot and he has seen him so happy after a long time so she should not leave the job. MJ enters in the office and says that she is right and he has a responsibility towards his family but nothing is more important than Manvi (Maya) for him right now. Sudip says that if he leaves Antara she will destroy him and snatch even his business and MJ replies that he doesn’t care but Maya asks him not to give up everything for her since she doesn’t want that and suggests to keep their relation secret. In the present Maya sees Sudip entering in the Roy Mansion calling out MJ. Maya smirks seeing him and wonders if he still cares for MJ like he did in the past. Diya goes to Sudip and asks him not to shout if he doesn’t want Ananya to know the worst secret of his life which may make her hate him. Maya makes noise from upstairs and Sudip looks up at her getting shocked.

In the flashback Maya is shown telling MJ that she is pregnant. MJ gets shocked at first and then cups her face thanking her. Maya says that they can’t keep their relation secret anymore since she doesn’t want her child to be called illegitimate. MJ hugs her saying that this is the best news for him and now he can start a new life with her. Maya recalls that her child was her dream and in a flashback it’s shown how happy she was and even MJ had helped her decorating a room for their child. In the past MJ tells Maya that he got an appointment with the best gynaecologist. Later Maya and MJ go to meet Diya and she asks MJ not to take things so lightly. MJ tells Maya that Diya is Antara’s friend but Diya corrects him saying that she was her friend until she started making MJ suffer betraying him but now finally she is able to see happiness on MJ’s face thanks to Manvi. She asks MJ to come out to complete some formalities and asks Maya to wait. Maya waits for them to come back and a nurse comes to talk with her assuring that the abortion won’t hurt her since it is a simple procedure. Maya gets confused and says that she isn’t there for abortion. Before the nurse can reveal anything more, Diya comes and asks her to leave. She asks Maya not to worry since she is going to do a routine check only and give her a supplement. She makes Maya lie down. Maya recalls the nurse’s words and asks Diya why she is giving her supplement instead of capsules. She gets doubtful about Diya’s intention and asks where MJ is. She grabs the medicine Diya was giving her through the supplement and realizes it’s for abortion. She blames Diya for trying to kill her baby on Antara’s order and leaves.

Manvi goes back to her house and sits in a corner of the room she had prepared for her child. MJ comes and Manvi hugs him crying telling him that Diya wanted to kill their baby. MJ says that he is the one who wants to kill the child. Manvi gets shocked. MJ slaps her hard making her fall on the ground and then even tries to choke her. He asks her if she thought that she will enter in his house through this baby. He holds her face against the ground and reveals that she challenged him when she gave him back the flowers he had sent her so he just wanted to change her denial into love and she fell into his trap like a stupid person. He beats her and then throws money on her face saying that he is not such a bad person after all. Manvi looks at him.


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