Ishani is shocked to see Dr.Sid :Sanjivani :28th January 2020: Written Update

MUMBAI: Bebe wants to separate Sid and Ishani. She says NV is taking efforts to help Ishani to get out of pain Bebe gets flashback was NV is helping Ishani. Bebe wants to protect Ishani from pain and Sid presence can spoil NV's efforts. NV tells Ishani that Bebe made Halwa for her. Bebe warns Philo that make sure Ishani will not see Sid. Philo informs her that NV gave this case to Ishani. Bebe is shocked she tells Philo that she has the plan to solve this problem.

NV teases Ishani by praising Bebe's Halwa and says sharing is not always caring. Ishani gets annoyed by NV's behavior. Finally, after some time she takes a bite of halwa and tells him that she will inform Bebe about Halwa. Bebe tells Philo that Sid should leave this hospital. Bebe tells Philo not to worry. Bebe tells Philo that we should wrap this problem before NV and Ishani notice Sid.
Philo tells Bebe that we have to get Ishani's signature to get Sid out. Philo manages to take Ishani's signature. Philo Bebe brings Sid they are about to leave the hospital. Nv sees Bebe and asks her why she is here. Philo takes Sid to the morgue.

Nurse by mistake takes Sid as a dead body.  Philo thinks that the guy on her stretcher is Sid and tells the Nurse to shift to another hospital. Bebe thanks Philo for helping her. Ishani comes to examine patient number 4 but gets confused to see no one.

NV gets a call from another hospital that patient that they assigned to them is dead. NV tells them that it is not possible because they don't have such a policy. Nv learns that Ishani signed the transfer form. NV gets mad and questions her she says she hasn't signed any such papers. Ishani gets confused NV calls Nurse in the morgue and asks is him he confirms that yes they have buried one dead body.

NV gets a clear idea of confusion and tells Ishani to be ready to face the reactions of her blunder. NV tells if that buried guy is dead then she will be blamed for his death.NV gets angry and takes Ishani with her. Ishani doesn't know how she can explain herself.

NV Ishani looking for a guy they start digging NV prays for Sid's life. NV with help of Ishani pulls coffin out of that dig. NV opens coffin Ishani is shocked to see Sid. Nv is also shocked to see Ishani's reaction.


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