Wow! From Kokila Modi to Pallavi, catch the popular TV bahus flaunting creative styles of BINDIS

Read on to get a glimpse of the various creative bindi styles that are flaunted by our favourite TV bahus and even on-screen vamps like Sulochana Deshmukh (played by Snehal Reddy in Mehndi Hai Rachne Wali), Rakhi Dave (played by Tassnim Nerukar in Anupamaa), Kokila Modi (played by Rupal Patel in Saath Nibhaana Saathiya), Ramola Sikand (played by Sudhaa Chandran in Kahiin Kissi Roz) and lastly, Patralekha aka Pakhi Chavan (played by Aishwarya Sharma in Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Meiin).

MUMBAI:  In almost every Hindi soap opera, the style-statements of individual actors as per the characters they portray on-screen are too unique and deviant from their fellow characters, thus making it unmissable. 

As per a character's description and nature, every other aspect relating to that individual including their height, weight, confidence, body language and most importantly, their costumes and make-overs highlight their characteristics and intentions just like a regular person's ID card (P.S. this applies only to the television world's drama section). 

Coming back to the topic, to date, every single actor (be it the lead, side, supportive or vamps) have to get themselves ready only and only according to their on-screen character's demands. The peculiarities in make-up are vital as they have to be in sync with the character's nature, role, societal position, activities, intentions and also, their personal/ professional backgrounds. Keeping these factors in mind, our costume designers and makeup artistes have successfully gifted the television world the most remarkable and forever memorable characters from individual character-portrayal groups (because many popular shows showcased poignant characters have gone off-air).

Owing to all these factors, eminent characters of various natures have sprung up in the limelight for one or the other of their extremely peculiar on-screen appearance, which has helped garner massive attention towards them in no time.

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Today, we'll take a note of the various creative bindi patterns, which have been endorsed by our favourite TV bahus like Sulochana Deshmukh (played by Snehal Reddy), Rakhi Dave (played by Tassnim Nerukar), Kokila Modi (played by Rupal Patel), Ramola Sikand (played by Sudhaa Chandran) and lastly, Patralekha aka Pakhi Chavan (played by Aishwarya Sharma).

Scroll down to view below:

1. Sulochana Deshmukh from Mehndi Hai Rachne Wali

Actress Snehal Reddy's on-screen getup matches her on-screen character of Sulochana Deshmukh very well, with her sindoor's (vermillion's) and bindi's striking colours and patterns).

2. Rakhi Dave from Anupamaa

Tassnim Nerukar is back on the small-screen as a vamp character in TV industry's most beloved show - Anupamaa. However, to keep her appeal at par with her on-screen sophistication, Tassnim's character Rakhi is shown flaunting the minimalist look with a bigger coloured bindi supporting a small and fancy crystal bindi below. This bindi style is perfect to flaunt while attending cultural events.

3. Kokila Modi from Saath Nibhana Saathiya

Another character with a striking bindi was Rupal's Kokila Ben in Saath Nibhana Saathiya. What made her stand apart from Sudha's Ramola? The diamond-like studs that she used to attach over it while contrasting it's base colours with that of her saree's. Also, Kokila's bi-coloured sarees were always vibrant and strikingly noticeable.

4. Ramola Sikand from Kahiin Kissi Roz

When Sudhaa used to portray the role of 'Ramola Sikand' in Kahiin Kisii Roz, her character's bindi's look was the most striking feature of her entire character. Though not loud, her character's makeover included 'super long bindis' that reached up to her hairline. This fashion became a rage at that time. 

5. Patralekha aka Pakhi Chavan from Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Meiin

Lastly, as Aishwarya plays the role of the Marathi bahu Pakhi in GHKPM, a Marathi mulgi's bindi turns out as her overall look's highlight for flaunting the patent Marathi-style crescent moon bindi.

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