5 kickass FITNESS tips from SEXY Lauren Gottlieb

5 kickass FITNESS tips from SEXY Lauren Gottlieb

Lauren Gottlieb...the girl who is all about beauty and brains. The super hot and sexy diva, who is known for her remarkable dancing, is also a fitness freak.

The scintillating lady who is all set to judge the coming season of Jhalak believes in living a fit and healthy life. The charming diva has her set of rules to stay in shape.

Here’s she sharing 5 fitness tips with the readers of Tellychakkar.com. Over to her

Don’t eat past 8pm

This can be extremely tough, especially because we're accustomed to eating late. But you need time for your food to digest before you lay down to sleep. (If not, you will store it in places I'm sure you don't want to).

Sweat once a day

Even if you sweat out 20-30 mins, it will do wonders for you. You will feel physically and mentally awake. (You will thank me later).

Always choose the stairs

I never take the elevator to my flat (Unless I'm in my Jimmy Choo's, wink). Wherever I go actually even if I need to reach the 20th floor, I take the stairs until I can't possibly go another and then I take the elevator the rest. Simple as that. It's honestly mind over matter so each time you try this, without fail you will reach more floors without getting tired.

Smile more often

I believe when you are working out and your body releases endorphins that help reduce your sense of pain and makes you feel positive. Well, just simply smiling will do the same for you. If you're feeling good and are upbeat you are more apt to do things that involve exercising.

Change your workout plan often

Don't let your body get too comfortable in one routine. The key is to trick your body. That's one reason why dance is such a great workout because you are always doing different postures.

For the Tellychakkar.com readers here is my weekly workout chart that one can follow.

Monday- Gym - Start with a bang! Weightlifting (arms/back) and some cardio.

Tuesday- Pilates - Can be done at a studio with machines or as easy as mat pilates which you can do in any open floor space.

Wednesday - Gym - Weightlifting (legs/butt) and some cardio.

Thursday- Yoga - at a studio or at home.

Friday- Cardio - run on the treadmill, outside, beach or wherever your heart desires.

Saturday / Sunday - Stick to things that are fun and trick your mind so that you don't feel as if you are working out. Try finding things to do that involve being outside in the fresh air. Play a sport, bike somewhere instead of driving, go hiking.

Hope you all liked my tips. Do share your comments in the space below.


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