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Today, denims have become a fashion staple over the years, and history is testimony to the fact that it has been best friends with one and all, from... read more

27 Oct 2020 05:30 PM | ShachiTapiawala

While most of the would-be brides will be in a dilemma as to what to wear for the big day, we have jotted some coolest options for you. read more

26 Oct 2020 07:08 PM | ShachiTapiawala

A lot of celebrities took the opportunity to travel to visit new places or spend time with their loved ones. As the lockdown eased there were also... read more

26 Oct 2020 09:00 AM | ShachiTapiawala

Except for certain occasions, it is seldom that you'd want to put on a shirt and get dressed. read more

25 Oct 2020 04:00 PM | ShachiTapiawala

Neha Kakkar and Rohanpreet Singh have set major style goals with their wedding outfits. read more

24 Oct 2020 06:06 PM | Harmisha Chauhan

Eyewear stands out for its unique details, variety of frames, and colors, turning everyday glasses into a hot fashion accessory. read more

24 Oct 2020 11:46 AM | ShachiTapiawala

Every season, there is a new fashion evolution and the one trend which is ruling 2020, it is the bra tops... read more

23 Oct 2020 03:33 PM | ShachiTapiawala

Some celebrities who ditch the normal and give a feast to their fans by flaunting their hot bods on social media. read more

22 Oct 2020 03:31 PM | ShachiTapiawala

We observed that Kunal has also lost a lot of weight recently. He even took to Instagram posting a picture holding her in his arms stating that his... read more

22 Oct 2020 10:37 AM | ShachiTapiawala

It is not a surprise that sarees are increasingly becoming a major part of women’s fashion – especially when you check out the increasingly popular... read more

22 Oct 2020 09:22 AM | ShachiTapiawala

MUMBAI: During the lockdown, most of the celebrities among common people were at ease and had their stress levels down. They had...

read more

21 Oct 2020 05:59 PM | ShachiTapiawala

I personally love my long hair but it is a task to manage. So visually I would prefer long hair but opting for low maintenance and simplicity, I... read more

20 Oct 2020 02:32 PM | ShachiTapiawala

Avneet Kaur shows how to look ultra-glamorous by sharing an amazing makeup tutorial. read more

19 Oct 2020 08:05 PM | Harmisha Chauhan

While there are many concepts which are being introduced which are not only closer to life but also bold in nature, there are some actors who are... read more

19 Oct 2020 02:53 PM | ShachiTapiawala

While there is the mask which does not allow us to amplify our fashion game, one can always make it better by adding some unique accessories which... read more

19 Oct 2020 12:13 PM | ShachiTapiawala

Women love their jewellery as it represents their personality and style and accentuates their looks. read more

19 Oct 2020 09:00 AM | ShachiTapiawala

It is not uncommon that many people follow their favourite actors and get inspired from. read more

18 Oct 2020 04:00 PM | ShachiTapiawala

From rocking a nose ring to flaunting her tattoo, bride-to-be Neha Kakkar knows how to keep it sassy! read more

17 Oct 2020 11:48 PM | TellychakkarTeam

While there are many fashionable ways to make a statement with the sartorial wear, what makes a difference to the overall look of a person is the... read more

17 Oct 2020 01:37 PM | ShachiTapiawala

Eisha Singh shares some amazing beauty secrets which she completely relies on to keep herself glowing. read more

16 Oct 2020 07:13 PM | Harmisha Chauhan