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My mom was so strict that even if I wanted to buy something from my own money I had to think twice. I come from a middle class family so we had to think twice before spending. I would’ve been bashed so badly if i had stolen something.

Malti Chahar

MUMBAI: With the release of the film 'Ishq Pashmina' looming on the horizon, Krishna Shanti Production unveils its teaser to further raise the audience's anticipation of the film. 

Featuring the young social media influencer and actor Bhavin Bhanushali and the fresh new talent Malti Chahar as the lead, 'Ishq Pashmina' is going to be a love story which is bound to touch your hearts. 

In the teaser, a beautifully tragic Shayari is narrated by the female lead - Malti Chahar, about intense and fatuous love, where one forgets the sense of themself and is simply high on love. The teaser also shows the picturesque backdrop in which the film is shot. With warm clothes to snow - as white as it can be, the teaser hints at the film being cosy yet heart wrenching at times.

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Tellychakkar got in touch with the lead actors of the movie, Bhavin Bhanushali and Malti Chahar where we talked to them about their ‘first time’ stories.

Tell us about your first time when you proposed to someone when you were young?

Bhavin Bhanushali – Proposed a teacher. Her husband will watch this interview so I don’t remember her name.

Malti Chahar – Don’t say her name but which grade were you in?

Bhavin – I might be in 6th or 7th grade.

Malti – I have never really proposed to anyone but I’ve got a lot of proposals. I was in 8th grade and I’ve had proposals before that too but this was the one I liked. I was in 8th grade and there was a boy in 12th grade. Anywhere I go, he would follow me. He was a topper so I didn’t feel so bad about it. We would just wave ‘hi’ and ‘bye’ but never really talked. So one day he came in front of me and tried to talk with me. I said “yes brother?” and he was like “brother?”...ouch. He’s a doctor now. Someone in school had informed me later that he has cleared his MBBS and has become a doctor.

How was the first time when you either received or wrote a love letter?

Bhavin – A lot of it.

Malti – Yeah he gets a lot everyday. They are not love letters but basically marriage proposals and also have diagrams in it. The good thing, he keeps all the letters, even though he doesn’t talk to those girls.

I didn’t write any love letters. In the beginning I used to receive a lot but after that they all started to get scared because I’m a very strict person. So, people used to get scared of me in college and even before that people used to be scared of me.

The first time you heard a rumour about yourself?

Bhavin – That I was dating Sameeksha Sud. We are just friends. Very good friends actually. Dosti Pashmina.

Malti – Love is friendship and friendship is love.

Well, a lot of rumours actually. One was very stupid. It said Deepak is not my brother. One of my friends told me about this rumour that Deepak isn’t my brother but Rahul is my real brother and I go to CSK for some stupid reason, which I don’t remember now. I mean everybody knows that we are siblings.

Bhavin – Someone had said once that Sanjay Leela Bhansali is my uncle and I was like I wish he was.

Malti – These are very decent rumours but most of them are really nonsense and have no logic to it.

How did it feel when you saw yourself on a hoarding for the first time”

Bhavin – Cadbury. I mean I’m very proud of it now because they had put up my hoardings for 3 years all over India.

Malti – A lot of times. I had done modelling for 1-2 years so the hoardings were there but the sad part is that I don’t look like myself in the pictures because maybe I’m too photogenic so people would not recognize me if I entered someday in their shop and they had my poster. They would not recognize that it’s me.

Bhavin – I had done promotions of CSK a long time back. There were hoardings. After that I went to the stadium like a wild person with flags in my hand and yellow face paint. So I only I knew that it was me.

Malti – The only time when people knew that it was me was when I was working with Fabindia. I wouldn’t let them do my hair makeup so i would look very similar to how I look in reality.

The first time when you gatecrashed a wedding?

Bhavin – I had sent one of my friends to the wedding. So we were sitting and thinking of something and thought of pranking our friend, Deva. So we told him to dress up well as they will be going for a wedding. So he wore good clothes and saw us wearing regular clothes. We told him our clothes are on the way. Later we were roaming around in Mira Road and suddenly saw a wedding happening. We told Deva that we need to go in and we had a deal for which he agreed to go in. We told him he’ll get 60,000 rs and he agreed. Then we called a friend and told him that now you have to come here and pick up Deva on a bike. We will show it as you’re taking him away somewhere. And Deva was ready to go for the money. So my friend came and picked him up. Just when Deva sat on the bike we laughed so hard because we sold our friend and he was ready to be sold for money.

The time when you were caught shoplifting for the first time?

Bhavin – Never. My mom was so strict that even if I wanted to buy something from my own money I had to think twice. I come from a middle class family so we had to think twice before spending. I would’ve been bashed so badly if i had stolen something.

Malti – Not shoplifting but my mom told me that once when I was just 3 years old, I ran out of the house and reached a shop on the highway while my mother was running behind me. The shopkeeper just gave me a chocolate so I took it and left. So it’s basically not shoplifting.

The first time when your fans did something special for you?

Bhavin – A lot of fans text me, send gifts etc but I’m not really materialistic. But my fans, on one of my birthdays, some 2000 people kept my picture as their DP and then they requested other fandoms that they know of, to keep my picture as their DP. I mean to request someone to do some work and stuff like that matters a lot to me.

Malti – I think the part I love the most is when someone says something wrong about you, then there are these other people who will fight on behalf of you and you won’t even know about it. So when I read these things I really love it.

A message for fans?

Bhavin – You will see a different side of me. Ishq Pashmina is for me, for us and we’ve given it in your hands so that you go and watch it and help us become something more. So please watch it for us.

Malti – Please watch Ishq Pashmina for us. If you like it then show it to everyone and if you don’t like it then please tell us, we’ll improve.

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Watch the interview below:


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