WOW! Have a look at Bollywood celebrities and their amazing nicknames

We bet you haven’t heard of these nickname of Bollywood actors, read on

MUMBAI: No doubt we as a fan love to know more about Bollywood celebrities every time, from their professional details to their personal details we want to know more about our favourite Bollywood celebrity. As we all know, many Bollywood celebrities have their pet names, we have heard Kareena Kapoor's nickname, Bebo and Hrithik Roshan's pet name which is Duggu.

So today we are going to have a look at the list of bollywood celebrities and their pet names

Alia Bhatt- Aloo

Not many people know that Alia Bhatt, who has perfectly climbed the success ladder with her impeccable performances, has a cute pet name. It is said that Alia was quite plump as a teenager so her friends used to call her ‘Aloo’, which eventually became her nickname.

Varun Dhawan- Pappu