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MUMBAI: The episode starts with Dev asking Brinda to come inside. Brinda is enjoying the rain and tells Dev that she has enjoyed getting drenched in the rain since her childhood. Dev too walks in the rain and the vabhoot on his hands gets washed away. Brinda gets scaly skin, becomes normal and turns to Dev. He holds her closely. Dev covers her with her saree and hugs her. She also hugs him and then recalls Nayantara’s death. He kisses on her forehead and is about to kiss her. Maha Pandit comes there. Brinda sees her and thinks Rohit baba is in this condition, thinks if Maa is fine. Manyata is unconscious in the room. Vrushali and Ketki go from there. Vrushali takes Ketki to the captive room and threatens her to tell her secret of lal tekri mandir if she wants to live. Brinda comes to meet Maha Pandit Rohit in the backside of house. He informs her that Parikh family has kidnapped Manyata. Brinda is shocked.

Nayantara comes to Dev’s house and asks Lily about Dev. Lily says Dev is celebrating his wedding night with Brinda. Dev comes there searching for Brinda. Lily informs him that Nayantara had come to meet Dev. Brinda is shocked and says where to search Maa. Maha Pandit asks her to stay close to Dev as he might know. Dev runs out trying to find Nayantara. Nayantara hides and goes in the jungle. She thinks she was right about Brinda and Vishaka can only help her. Rohan and Sparsh see him sitting in the car and come home. They see Brinda and act to feel pity on Brinda. They tell her that Dev went out and left her in the night. Brinda thinks Dev married her and his family kidnapped her mother at the same time. Nayantara takes out the thorn stuck on her feet. Dev follows her and thinks if she is Nayantara or not. Brinda blows on the vabhoot and comes out searching Dev and becomes snake. Dev comes to the temple following Nayantara and sees Vishaka. Nayantara is hiding behind the pillar.

Ketki and Ira think to ask Vrushali about Manyata. Vrushali hears them and asks them not to worry about her. They ask if she leaves as naagin. Vrushali says I have brought vabhoot and will not tell anyone where is Manyata. Dev tells Vishaka that he is from the same place, but don’t know about this side of temple. Vishaka says I have returned here after many years and asks him to go as she will do puja now. He leaves. Vishaka thinks naagmani can appear at any moment. She asks Nayantara to pick the stone to get powers like Brinda. Just then earthquake comes with a storm. Brinda is also shocked. Dev is still in the haveli and thinks that girl is alone in the temple. Vishaka becomes half naagin. Nayantara walks towards the naagmani, when Dev comes there and pushes Nayantara to safety and holds the pillar from falling down on her. He touches naagmani accidentally and gets powers in him. He drops the pillar and it falls on Nayantara. Naagmani and its powers get inside his forehead. Vishaka is about to come near him, but pillar falls on her and she faints. Brinda comes there as naagin and takes Dev out.

Vishaka gains consciousness and moves the pillar from nayantara’s body. Nayantara gets up. Vishaka scolds her. Nayantara says that is not an ordinary stone. Vishaka asks did you know what is it? Nayantara asks if it was naagmani. Vishaka scolds her and asks why she went out. I waited for naagmani for 50 poornimas. She becomes snake and pours hot air on her. Brinda brings Dev to the house and becomes human. She says I could have killed you that time. Nayantara tells that she went to know what is happening with Brinda. She tells that naagmani vanished because of her. She says you could have touched it as you was born during ashlesha nakshatra. Nayantara says so you saved me for your motive. Vishaka says even your mum had raised you up for her motive. Nayantara asks her not to take her mother’s name. Vishaka holds her neck and says she wants to kill her right now. She pushes her and makes her vanish in the pillar.

Brinda thinks her mother’s condition is because of him and she can kill him right now, but wants him to locate her mum. She says when I get my mother, then I will give death to everyone. Madhav comes there and sees Brinda as the half snake. He hides and looks at Dev unconscious. He gets shocked and says Brinda is a naagin. He turns to run, but falls down. Brinda hears him falling down.

Madhav runs inside the house. Iravati waits for Madhav and tells Ketki that she had sent Madhav to get warm water. Madhav says Brinda is Manyata’s daughter and is coming to his room to inform Iravati, but Brinda comes there as snake and holds him with her tail. Ketki and Iravati come out hearing the vase breaking sound, but couldn’t see Madhav. Brinda pushes Madhav from the glass window. Madhav is alive and asks Brinda to let him go. Dev gains consciousness and doesn’t see Madhav getting dragged by Brinda. Dev thinks how did I reach here? I went behind Nayantara, thinks how did I come here. He hears Madhav shouting for help. Vrushali keeps the bel part around Manyata’s bed and asks her to tell the lal tekri secret. Manyata says I will not say. Vrushali throws bel part on her and tells that she is feeling as if she has become God. She says I had killed all your family and tells that your daughter died who was saved then. She takes vabhoot in her hand and puts it on Manyata. Manyata refuses to tell her. Brinda takes Madhav to the jungle. Brinda says it was you and all Parikh family who had killed all Nana Bhai’s family and snatched his everything. She tells that her mother told her this and tells that she didn’t believe her at first. Madhav says they are her family. Brinda asks him to be quiet and says she will kill everyone.

Madhav shouts for help. Dev is coming there. Brinda ties holds Madhav’s mouth with her tail and tells that she will kill everyone, except Baa and Akash uncle who are innocent. She tells that you people can kill them, but I will save them. She says you people had killed Nayantara and tells that she is Manyata’s real daughter and not Nayantara. She says I am the real icchadhari naagin and tells that she will kill everyone, but before that he will tell her where is her mother? Dev hears Brinda’s voice, but doesn’t understand it is her. Madhav apologizes and asks her to let him go. Brinda becomes human and says I will kill you. Madhav throws her at the tree and runs away.

Vrushali comes home and thinks why madhav’s call is not connecting. She thinks to go home from back door and thinks then nobody will know where I have gone. She drives off. Vishaka comes there and thinks she came to know where she stays. Dev comes to the place where Madhav pushed Brinda and sees blood on the tree. He thinks something happened here. He thinks something had happened with me, how I came back from lal tekri mandir. Brinda shouts asking Madhav to stop. Madhav runs. She becomes naagin and comes infront of him. Madhav pleads infront of her for forgiveness. Brinda scares him and then becomes human. Madhav apologizes. Brinda asks where is my mother? Madhav hits stone on her head and runs away. He comes to Swara’s house and hits on her head with stone. Swara falls down. Madhav takes knife and keeps on her neck. Brinda comes there and is shocked.


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