Naagin Season 4 9th February 2020 Written Update

MUMBAI: The Episode starts with Swara hearing Brinda’s voice. Madhav hits a stone on Swara’s head and she falls down. Madhav takes the knife and is about to stab her when Brinda comes there and asks him to leave her Maa. Madhav asks if he wants to lose her another mother and asks her to go. Brinda asks him to leave his mother and says I am ready to do anything. Dev comes home and hears Pandit Mahesh shouting. He asks what happened here? Pandit says this sign is not good. A snake comes to Manyata and turns into Vishaka. Manyata is shocked to see her. She says we have to talk from far as Vrushali has kept bel patr, Chandra phool etc.  Manyata tells her that your search will never be completed. Vishaka laughs. Manyata says I know that you want to know about lal tekri’s temple. 

Brinda is driving the car and Madhav are sitting on the back seat holding a knife on Swara’s neck. Brinda asks him to move knife from her mother’s neck. Madhav says so that you can become naagin and kill me. He says he was brought up eating her father’s food, then also he killed him into pieces.

She drives the car fast. He asks her not to show smartness and stops the car at lal tekri temple. They get down the car. She asks him why he brought them there. Madhav asks her to be quiet. He takes Swara to the temple and asks Brinda to lift the trishul.  Madhav says I will let your mother go, if you stab yourself with the trishul. Brinda thinks her life is not valuable infront of Swara maa and feels apologetic for Manyata. Brinda is about to stab trishul in herself, when a snake comes there. Madhav asks the snake to move back. Brinda comes to Madhav and makes him drop knife from his hand. He runs away. Brinda holds Swara. Vishaka comes there and asks her to go behind him, if she don’t want her secret to be known to everyone. She tells her that she will take Swara to her house. Brinda asks who is she? Vishaka says she is Manyata’s friend.

Brinda runs and follows Madhav. Sparsh and Hardik are in the car with the girl and stops in the jungle. Madhav reaches the cliff. Brinda traps Madhav in her tail. Madhav asks her to get him arrested by Police. Brinda tells that she is not human, but icchadhari naagin. Madhav tells her that he will make Vrushali say the truth about her mother. Brinda leaves him believing him. Madhav tells her that he will go and will ask Vrushali everything. He asks her to be there and says he will return. He turns to go and picks a wood to throw on her. Brinda hits him with her tail and traps him again with her tail.  Madhav falls and shouts. He dies. Hardik and Sparsh hear the voice. The girl laila runs away. Hardik is about to run behind her, but Sparsh asks him to see from where the voice came from.

Vishaka comes to Brinda and asks why did she kill him. Brinda says he deserved death.  Vishaka tells that Manyata is alive, it is not easy to kill her. They see Hardik and Sparsh there, coming there following the voice. Vishaka and Brinda blow wind from their mouth scaring them. They sit in car. Ira calls Sparsh and asks them to come home, says your Papa is missing. Ketki asks Ira not to worry and tells that Manyata is in Vrushali’s custody and her naagin daughter Nayantara is dead. Brinda tells Vishaka that she wants to get rid of Madhav’s dead body and that she will handle everything.  Then they bury him.

They reach the temple. Brinda asks about Swara. Vishaka says she left her at home and she is fine. Her baba took her. She asks what about your real mother? Manyata feels pain just as the bel patr touches her. Brinda tells her that she will not ask her mother, why she has hidden her truth from her, but she trusts her. Manyata sees Brinda standing from the window and calls her, but Brinda couldn’t hear her. She sees Vishaka and gets shocked. Brinda tells Vishaka that she can’t trust anyone easily as her mum says. Vishaka says she is Manyata’s true friend and came here sensing her in trouble. She tells that her mum was abandoned by her clan when she married a human. She tells that she will support her and help her. She says your eyes are just like Manyata and hugs her. Manyata is shocked and shouts saying don’t hug her. Vishaka asks her to leave for home for her post marriage functions. Manyata asks her to stop and says Vishaka is a dangerous naagin. She thinks how to tell my daughter and cries asking help from bhole naath. Brinda comes out and finds Om pendant. Vishaka laughs and says Brinda trusts her now. She thinks Brinda is innocent and doesn’t know that Vishaka can’t be loyal to anyone and just wants naagmani and lal tekri mandir. 

Dev tells Pandit ji that he has called Doctor for Swara. Brinda comes there and tells her father that he should have called Doctor by now as her mum got head and neck injury. Baa comes there and asks Brinda where was she? Why she didn’t come to give her medicine. Dev gets doubtful and thinks Brinda didn’t meet baa since morning. Iravati tells everyone that Madhav’s phone is unreachable and cries. Sparsh says he will locate him using his last location. Brinda knocks on the door. Dev opens the door and she falls on him.

Dev asks Brinda why she is changed. Brinda says things changed for me. Dev says I am your husband now and asks if she has any complaints with him. Lily comes and tells that Baa is calling them. Brinda goes from there. Dev asks Lily if she saw Nayantara for sure. Baa asks Brinda and Dev to leave their hand impression on the cloth together. Brinda asks Dev to tell where he went last night. Dev thinks I can’t tell you that I had gone to search Nayantara. Baa asks them to swear infront of God that they will not leave each other’s hand. Vishaka comes there and  Dev recalls seeing her in the temple.


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