Rudra is foreced to marry Ananya : Beyhadh 2 :30th January 2020 : Written Update

MUMBAI: Maya breaking a mirror throwing vase against it. Nandini comes and asks her what happened. Maya thinks that she has to use her unwantedly to reach her destination. Maya hugs Nandini crying and tells her that she had hoped but it got broken too. She asks her mother if she is unworthy of any kind of love. Nandini asks her to control herself. Maya tells her that she was right and Rudra could have brought light in her life and she has realized her love now that she is going to lose him as he is getting married to Ananya.

Nandini tells Maya that Rudra must have been forced to marry Ananya and not her. Maya replies that Rudra doesn’t dare to confess his love and hold her hand in front of the world. She says that she will die without Rudra and decides to leave the place somewhere far where Rudra can’t reach him. Maya leaves the house crying and Nandini tries reaching her. Rajiv wonders if Maya is really in love with Rudra. Maya enters the lift and stops crying smirking and thinking that now her mother will convey her message to Rudra. She calls Rajiv and asks him to take care of Nandini. The latter comes back home crying. Rajiv understands Maya’s game.

The next day preparation for Rudra and Ananya’s wedding is going on at Roy Mansion. Antara looks at Rishi’s photo frame and gets emotional. Nandini enters the house and looks around. Rajiv is there too and he is dressed up as a decorator. He goes to Nandini and tells him that he has to hide his identity or else there will be problems since Ananya and Maya argued a bit the last day. He shows her Rudra’s room and asks her to go and talk to him. Nandini goes. Rajiv calls Maya and tells her that she was right and MJ isn’t home. Maya says that she knew that MJ has gone to pretend in front of the world to be nice since his son is going to get married. MJ is shown doing charity. Maya asks Rajiv to handle Diya and Antara and not let anything happen to her mother.

Rudra is in his room and recalls his moments with Maya. Nandini comes inside crying. Rudra asks her what happened. Rajiv comes there too and shuts the door. Nandini sits on the sofa and Rudra kneels in front of her asking her to tell him what happened. Nandini tells him that Maya has left the house last night because she loves him and can’t see him getting married to someone else. Rudra tries calling Maya but she doesn’t pick up his calls thinking that if he wants to talk to her he needs to reach her first. Nandini asks Rudra not to break Maya’s heart as she has suffered enough and got hopes when he entered her life and she says that she knows that he loves Maya too. Antara takes Ananya, who is ready in her bridal attire, downstairs where Ananya’s father compliments her for looking so pretty. Pandit asks to bring the groom and MJ is about to go but Ananya says that Rishi would have done that if he was there but since he is not, she doesn’t want Rudra to feel lonely so she, being Rudra’s best friend, wants to go to take him.

Nandini tells Rudra that Ananya is just his best friend so he shouldn’t marry her. Maya calls Rajiv and asks him to hurry up and leave Roy Mansion as soon as possible with Rudra and Nandini. Just then Ananya enters the room and asks Nandini and Rajiv what they are doing there. She asks Nandini if Maya came with her too. Rudra tells her that Maya has gone. Ananya says it’s good and asks him to come down as everybody is waiting. Rajiv gives Rudra the pages of Maya’s books which she has sent for him but Ananya snatches them from his hands and throws them in the air saying that they don’t need Maya or her book. Rudra collects all the pages from the ground recalling his promise to Maya of protecting her soul which is in her book. Rudra looks at a page and gets shocked by reading it. Rajiv takes Nandini away and she asks Rudra to think about Maya once. They leave.

Rudra reads that Maya has written that she wanted to meet him one last time but not all dreams are meant to be fulfilled. She blames herself for not realizing her feelings and telling him about them before and says that she is going away and leaving her soul in his hands. She wrote that they are like a sea and a river that can’t meet. Rudra recalls staring at the sea together. He says that he loves sea but Maya says that she prefers the river because a river has more life. They talk about the book which Maya wants to write near a river. Rudra compares himself to a stone which will make the river take a turn but Maya says that the ending of the story has been already finalized.

Rudra in the present lips Maya’s name. Ananya wants him to come down with her but he holds her hand apologizing to her. Maya is in Rishikesh and thinks that he is waiting for Rudra.


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