Gunahon Ka Devta

Imagine TV
Basic Info
On Air Since: 
Friday, August 20, 2010 - 20:30
Off Air: 
Thursday, April 7, 2011 - 20:30
Shakuntalam Telefilms
Directed by: 
Hemant Prabhu
Inder Das
Production Company: 
Shakuntalam Telefilms
Show Concept

Lallanpur...a town in eastern UP that wakes up every day to a new incident of crime; a town where people communicate less with words and more with guns; where children learn to handle country made pistols before they learn to play cricket; where staying alive is a feat in itself. In this town, where crime reigns supreme and there is no one to challenge it, lives a man whose name evokes fear but who is also revered for the good that resides within the evil that he represents...this man is called Avdesh Singh Thakur alias Bhaiyyaji.

Avdesh is adored and idolised by a beautiful young girl - Arpita Rai; the daughter of a corrupt civil engineer. A student of History in the local college, Arpita is scared of her father as he is very stern but when she is not in front of him, she is like any other teenager – bubbly and spirited. She is clear about one thing – she does not want to marry someone like her father or her brothers who have no respect for women. She has seen how her mother is ill treated by her chauvinistic father and brothers.

Arpita idolises Avdesh as he is not like her father – one who wears a cloak of respectability but is utterly corrupt from within. At least Avdesh is courageous to be who he is in the open. He has more respect for women and does good deeds as well. And also he is the only man or only person who can put the fear of god in her father.

Gunaho Ka Devta is the story of two unlikely people falling in love. Will Arpita & Avdesh’s love survive the pressures & vicissitudes that surround them? Can the love story of a criminal ever end in a happily ever after? Gunaho Ka Devta is an engaging tale of love & passion, emotion & deception set against the devastating background of crime.

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