The Buddy Project 2

Channel [V]
Show Concept

The Buddy Project is an Indian teen comedy show that used to air Monday to Friday on Channel V India. It was ranked as the number one show on the channel.
The show is set at "The Royal Academy", a once prestigious school that has had its image tarnished by its current batch of students especially by the eight protagonists. A fascinating story depicting the journey of eight distinct students explores the rebellious and vulnerable nature of each of the characters. Unfortunately, the only person who realizes the predicament of the students is Principal Ramanujam. In an attempt to regain the lost pride of T.R.A. and to help direct the enrolled students toward constructive personal and academic development, he brings in an old alumnus – Anirudh Jaitley (Manav Gohil).[4] The story unfolds as Jaitley endeavours to help the students learn more about themselves and be comfortable in their own skin. In the process of helping students discover themselves, Jaitley rediscovers his own youthful exuberance. The underlying theme of the show is that life will always send us an "indicator". Someone or something that makes us realise who we really are and what we are actually capable of achieving. The teachers whom we criticize so much, help us out.