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Saturday, November 6, 2004 - 17:30
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Actor Rithvik Dhanjani, currently hosting Yeh Hai Aashiqui, is set to host the Indian adaptation of the international show, Distraction With Jimmy Carr. While Rithvik remains tight-lipped about the project, a source associated with the production house tells us, "It's a quiz show, but what's unique and exciting about it is that the contestants are distracted using various bizarre, painful and humiliating methods. The show had become a huge hit in the UK in 2003, and has already been adapted in countries like Greece, Brazil, Spain, Italy, etc." Official or not, the makers say that it’s essential that the show caters to the sensibilities of the Indian audience. Abhinay Deo, who directed 24, and co-writer Rensil D’Silva, didn’t just translate, but they rewrote the show. With the political and social scenario in the US and India differing, they had to change the story to make it relevant. "It is a huge task to Indianise a show like 24. On every level — emotional, socio-economic status, youth, politics —we made changes to the story," Deo had said earlier. Explaining the trend, Abigail Jain, who stars in Life Beat, says, "People are tired of watching the same tried-and-tested shows. It’s interesting to adapt good concepts as people want to watch new stories. Grey’s Anatomy is a cult show, but we haven’t totally copied it; my character is based on Meredith, yet it is not entirely the same."

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