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meet: badlegi duniya ki reet

Meet is an Indian Hindi-language television drama series that premiered on August 23, 2021, on Zee TV and digital platform ZEE5 is produced by Shashi Sumeet Productions. The show stars Ashi Singh and Shagun Pandey in the lead-roles. It is a remake of Zee Sarthak's Sindura Bindu.

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  • Release Date
    23 August 2021
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  • Cast

    Ashi Singh, Shagun Pandey, Abha Parmar, Vaishnavi Macdonald, Sharain Khanduja, Ravi Gossain, Pratham Kunwar, Sooraj Thapar, Nisha Rawal, Vishal Gandhi, Riyanka Chanda 

Meet: badlegi duniya ki reet

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MUMBAI: Officer says I would like to take a name who showed spuerb performance in training and the name is Read More


MUMBAI: In 3 minutes they changed the lot of medicine and hid them in water with water tight container and everything was done...Read More


MUMBAI : Teacher says Meet has proved that she is a brilliant student so she will be assisting me. Meet says now what I’ll do, I...Read More

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MUMBAI: Meet leaves Hawa Singh’s cabin...Read More


MUMBAI: Everyone in hall. Meet thinks where is Meet Ahlawat he is away since morning. Tej ask meet to go. Raj says you should...Read More


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MUMBAI: Meet at physical ground says to officer I know im injured but I will be able to appear on my mental state, I’m perfectly...Read More


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MUMBAI: Mohan Lal dead on street. Meet trying to wake him up and says to Meet Ahlawat this is not accident it’s murder someone...Read More


MUMBAI: Everyone in hall. Meet says to...Read More


MUMBAI: Meet and Meet Ahlawat in market. Meet trying to call Mohan Lal but couldn’t connect. Meet says why is he behaving like...Read More


MUMBAI: Meet hide herself inside...Read More


MUMBAI: Meet says to Meet Ahlawat I have...Read More


MUMBAI: Duggu come downstairs and see an electronic car and says it will be mine and start playing with it. Masum walks to Duggu...Read More


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MUMBAI: Babita and Manushi in hall sorting out design sketch. Meet walks to them thinks let Kunal advertisement publish in paper...Read More


MUMBAI: Meet walks in her room. Light switches off Meet and Meet Ahlawat grab her push to wall says I would love to have a selfie...Read More


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MUMBAI : Meet in the kitchen making tea for Anubha says to Anubha I want yo ask something about Parth what do you know about him...Read More

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MUMBAI: Ahlawat’s performing aarti, Manushi angry to see Meet and Meet Ahlawat together, she sees them holding hands. Ragini...Read More


MUMBAI: Meet Ahlawat tells Babita that Meet is cooking kheer, and starts laughing, he smells kheer and says it smells so good,...Read More


MUMBAI: Meet Ahlawat in his room playing video game. Meet walks in see him playing hold her ears and sit in front of him says you...Read More


MUMBAI: Meet reaches Ahlawat’s mansion and goes inside. Babita ask her where are you going, before going talk to me first. Meet...Read More


MUMBAI : Meet at community centre think’s my family had to suffer because of the mistake which I didn’t do.
Panch says that...Read More

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