sanjivani 2

Sanjivani is an Indian medical drama television series which aired from 12 August 2019 to 13 March 2020 on Star Plus. Produced by Alchemy Films, it starred Surbhi Chandna, Namit Khanna, Mohnish Bahl, Gurdeep Kohli and Gaurav Chopra.

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Sanjivani 2

MUMBAI: Chahat leans against the stall she thinks that she feels her father is near her, she praises Ahad for his pure nature, she...Read More


MUMBAI: In the episode starting ishaani talks to NV and says no matter what happens but she will talk to sid for all of her...Read More


MUMBAI: The Episode starts with Ishani saying don’t make me feel guilty and that Sid has to remember his past. Rishabh says we...Read More


MUMBAI: The Episode starts with Sid calling Ishani and Ishani cries. NV gives her Gurudwara cloth and takes her to Sid. They keep...Read More


MUMBAI: The Episode starts with Ishani recalling Rahil’s words. Bebe gets coffee for her and cheers her up. Ishani says that...Read More


MUMBAI: The Episode starts with Rishabh saying that Sid’s state is worsening. Philo asks them to think positively. Rishabh says...Read More


MUMBAI: The Episode starts with Ishani getting her patient’s file. NV asks her to use her concern to help Sid. They hear the...Read More


MUMBAI: The episode starts with Ishani telling NV that when she wanted to come close to him he pushed her away and now he has come...Read More


MUMBAI: The Episode starts with NV applying a bindi to Ishani. The lady asks NV to make Ishani wear the mangalsutra. Bebe...Read More


MUMBAI: The episode begins with Ishaani coming back after admitting Sid. She comes to her home only to find Rahil and Nurse...Read More


MUMBAI: Ishani tells NV that this man (sid) gave her lot of pain he showed her dream and broke that in one stroke. She says that...Read More


MUMBAI: Rishab everyone that Ishani is no more doctor still NV supports her. NV tells Philo to do dressing, Ishani tells him that...Read More


MUMBAI: Ishani is shocked to see Dr. Sid in that coffin. NV is doing medication on Dr. Sid he called the ambulance. Ishani recalls...Read More


MUMBAI: Bebe wants to separate Sid and Ishani. She says NV is taking efforts to help Ishani to get out of pain Bebe gets flashback...Read More


MUMBAI: The episode opens with NV playing golf The nurse informs that there is a patient from the Nursing home crashing site. He...Read More