Alibaba – Ek Andaaz Andekha: Dangerous! Simsim warns Ali, the latter in trouble with a deadly monster

Hatim reads the book and informs Ali that whoever wears the Baktar will evoke evil powers within them. They can get ready for their evil forces only once they die.

MUMBAI: SAB TV is out with an amazing show by Peninsula Pictures, Alibaba - Dastaan-E-Kabul. The show is inspired by the popular story of Alibaba and the forty thieves and has enough buzz around it. Recently, Abhishek Nigam reprised the lead role of Alibaba on the show.

The premise of the show is simple, and so far, the story that we have been told is that in the Mamuli Gali of Kabul, Ali Baba lives with five orphans, Gulrez, Himaad, Poya, Nafi, and Alifi. Despite being poor, Ali Baba is a very good person at heart who is unaware of his destiny and talent.

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Previously, Hatim and Ali only have 15 days to kill Iblis. Meanwhile, Iblis decides to marry Marjeena.

Interestingly, Marjeena goes into Iblis’ palace looking for Ali in hopes of finding him. Meanwhile Ali is looking for SimSim. Both Ali and Marjeena run into each other not realising who they are.

To everyone’s surprise, Simsim confesses his love for Iblis and expresses that she wants to marry him. Iblis breaks her heart and asks her to marry a gin.

Later, Ali saves Simsim’s life and informs her that they should join hands now as they have a common goal which is to end Iblis’s life.

Interestingly, Roshni and the kids from Parwaz are successful in running away from Iblis while he instructs Ali to catch them and bring them back.

Now, Ali enters a forrest with a deadly monster at hand. SimSim warns him against it but Ali dives head first. 

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Will Ali come out alive?

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