Anandi Baa Aur Emily: Big Announcement! Emily gives a big surprise to Anandi Baa, someone from Baa's life makes a grand entry

Emily makes a big announcement in front of Anandi Baa and the rest of the family members, that she has a big surprise for baa.

Anandi Baa Aur Emily: What! Emily gives a big surprise to Anandi Baa, what will be Baa’s reaction?!

MUMBAI : The show 'Anandi Baa Aur Emily' explores the different dynamics of relationships between each family member and Emily, the foreign bahu. Chaos ensues in their household as Anandi Baa tries to figure out how to get rid of Emily with the help of some family members. The reality of the situation dawns on her, and we get to see the beautiful relationship go from initial hesitancy to understanding and accepting.

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As earlier reported, in the upcoming episode, Emily and Aarav will be secretly trying to smuggle a bottle of alcohol in the house. Unfortunately, Gunjan will see this and decide to report it to Anandi Baa. Later, Anandi Baa will stop Aarav and ask him to show the bottle. Aarav will be seen scared about it. 

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Now, a video has been shared with us where we saw Emily making a big announcement in front of Anandi Baa and the rest of the family that she will be giving a big surprise to baa. She says that she will fulfill one of Baa's desires. Later on, when Baa asks her about the same, we will witness a grand entry of Anandi Baa’s sister who is the head (sarpanch) of Jamnagar. 

Well, when Anandi baa sees her, she gets emotional but later on, there is a twist in the show and the sisters seem poles apart, but Emily looked happy to see their reunion.

Well, what will be Anandi Baa’s reaction towards meeting her sister?

How will the other family members react?

Do let us know your views.

Till then stay glued to for more news and gossip. 


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