Dil Diyaan Gallaan: Shocking! Randeep gets a shocking information

To the family’s shock, Police come to arrest Rana and inform the family that he has murdered someone. Maan lets the police inside the Brar house to arrest Rana. Everyone is shocked as to why he did this.
Randeep gets a shocking information

MUMBAI :Sony SAB’s Dil Diyaan Gallaan, with its emotional migration story of a family torn apart by misunderstood circumstances, hurt emotions, and inherent beliefs have struck the right chord with the audiences. The show recently completed 50 episodes, and the love and appreciation that the show has received from the audiences is heartwarming. Paras Arora and Kaveri Priyam play the characters of Veer and Amrita.

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Previously, the police come to know that Khushwant’s man didn't die due to the shot from Rana’s gun. To save Rana, Veer takes the blame on himself and is taken away by the police. Mandeep realises that there is something fishy happening.

Mandeep and Aastha talk about how there is something fishy with the death of Khushwant's man. They come to know that Tavleen and Prabhjot were also present at the crime scene.

Further in the show, Mandeep makes Randeep understand that since he has committed a crime, he should surrender to the police. Nimrit is angry and calls Dilpreet. Rana leaves the hospital with Maan leaving Nimrit, Dilpreet and Sanjot shocked. Tavleen tells Riya that Rana has been arrested. This shocks Riya. Meanwhile, Maan tells the police officer that he will get proof of Rana’s innocence.

Therefore, when Rana gets arrested by police and the entire family is praying for him, Maan comes up with a plan to send the evidence to police station but there are many obstacles.

Later, Randeep informs everyone that he will not enter the Brar house until Mandeep leaves. Tavleen takes advantage of the situation and tells Dilpreet and Sanjot that Randeep is in a state of shock like her daughter was twenty five years back due to the same person.

Now, Veer informs Randeep that Sanjot went with Mandeep, Aastha, and Amrita to America.

Also read -Dil Diyaan Gallaan: Shocking! Police comes to arrest Rana

What will happen to the Brar family? Will they ever come back together again?

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