Naagin Season 6 3rd December 2022 Written Episode Update: Seema revives Mahek’s life


MUMBAI: The Episode starts with Seema telling Pratha that she will kill them both, and will risen up Singhika’s powers and those 9 Manis, and asks Pratha to give that anklet. Pratha refuses to give. Seema says ok, save either your husband or Naag vansh. Pratha reminisces Rishabh and Kaliya Naag’s words. Prarthana asks Pratha to give anklet to her and tells that she will fight for Naag lok and asks her to save Rishabh. Pratha walks towards Seema and gives her anklet. Prarthana tells Pratha that she needs Anmol before the Rakshas kaal. Seema asks where is Anmol. Pratha says Anmol will not come here. Just then Anmol and Urvashi come there with the tribals. They free themselves and hit Rithvik on his heads twice. He faints. fb ends. Anmol asks what do you think that you can stop us. Seema tells her that they have killed her mother and also Guru ji. Anmol goes to Singhika and make her wear the anklet and keeps the mani there. She waits for Singhika to give her powers. Singhika’s powers couldn’t be waken up. Seema says why Singhika’s powers are not rising up. Rishabh comes there and says Naagmani was fake which you have, as real Naagmani is with me. Urvashi asks Seema when did Rishabh get fine, and how he got the naagmani. Rishabh recalls replacing it. Rishabh throws the naagmani and asks Prarthana to take it. Pratha takes it and asks Prarthana to keep it in her navel. Anmol stabs sword in Prarthana’s stomach.

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Pratha drops the naagmani on the floor. Rishabh and Pratha hold Prarthana. Anmol takes the Naagmani and runs to Singhika. Pratha stops Anmol. Anmol emotionally blackmails PRatha and asks her to leave her. Pratha leaves her. Anmol keeps the naagmani on Singhika and asks her to create her powers and gives all to her. Singhika gives her powers. Prarthana comes infront of Anmol and bears the fire coming out of Singhika. Anmol touches Prarthana and starts burning, falls down Pratha and Rishabh get worried for Anmol. Seema takes out the anklet and asks Urvashi to come. She tells her that they have to go somewhere else, and bring someone using the anklet. They leave. Prarthana walks towards Singhika and the idol breaks. Rishabh asks Pratha to come. Pratha tells Rishabh that Prarthana got 9 manis powers and she couldn’t handle it. Prarthana asks them to go. Rishabh says they will not go from there. They hug Prarthana and start burning.

Later Rishabh and Pratha gain conscious. Prarthana is still unconscious in Naag mahal. Rishabh says who brought us here. Tashak Naag comes there and tells that he brought them here. He tells that their love gave power to Prarthana to handle the powers of 9 manis. He asks Pratha to call all the 9 snakes and asks them to bless Prarthana, and then only she will gain consciousness. Pratha calls the snakes whose naagmanis powers are in her daughter. They come and bless Prarthana, surrounding her. Prarthana wakes up and greets them. Pratha also greets them. Rishabh and Pratha hugs Prarthana. Pratha asks Naagraj Tashak if she will be fine, as she is having 9 mani powers. He says she is fine, and she has become Maha Shesh Naagin. He says take her home and let her rest. He says tomorrow we will do puja here and will announce her as Maha Shesh Naagin. They leave. Kaliya Naag comes there and tells him that something wrong is going to happen. Seema tells Urvashi that the anklet can give life to dead naagin too. She brings Urvashi to the place where Mahek had died. Kaliya naag tells that a storm is going to come in their lives. Seema keeps the anklets on the coffin covered with ice.


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Mahek comes out of the ice as comes back to life due to anklet. Seema smiles. Mahek recalls falling down from the cliff. Seema welcomes Mahek. Urvashi says I never thought that I will see her again. Mahek says she knew that she will get life again, and tells that she is same even after 20 years. She says you both have grown old. Seema says we have make you fine. Mahek says you couldn’t bear the anger of Maha Shesh Naagin. Urvashi asks you knows everything. Mahek says she don’t have time to answer them. She goes. Sayali tells Prarthana that she will hurt Rudra. Prarthana tries to stop her and becomes naagin. She catches her. Sayali apologizes to her. Prarthana leaves her. Rudra sees her Naagin avatar. He gets shocked. Prarthana tells him that she couldn’t tell him due to the misunderstanding. He asks did you kill my parents. Prarthana says yes, and tells that they were with Zang and looted the treasure. He doesn’t believe Prarthana and asks why did she attack Rishabh? He says he don’t believe her. Rishabh comes there and tells the truth to Rudra. He tells that his parents were the two members out of the 5 who were with Zang. Rudra says I thought her wrong. Pratha says Prarthana also loves you a lot. Rudra hugs her and holds her hand.

Mahek comes to the Naag Mahal and tells her nani’s pic that she got the divine anklet of her. Seema asks how do you know what happened? Mahek says she knew whatever had happened with Pratha and Prarthana. Seema says Prarthana is going to be very powerful. Mahek says she is not less powerful and will kill her. She says she will meet Pratha.

Rishabh asks Pratha to have icecream. Pratha misses Anmol. Rishabh says he loved her very much. Pratha says if our upbringing is wrong. Rishabh tells that the enemies instilled wrong thing in her, and hopes that whereever he is, she stays fine. A storm comes suddenly. A blue snake comes there, bites and kill peope. Pratha looks shocked. Mahek says I have come, Pratha. She goes. Pratha sees her back and runs behind her. She tells Rishabh that she has seen Mahek. Rishabh says I think you couldn’t forget whatever happened with Anmol and that’s why thinking.

Pratha comes to the Singhika’s temple and looks for the anklet. She thinks it was not with Prarthana, where did it go. She thinks to tell Prarthana and thinks we have to search it before tomorrow. She comes home. Rishabh asks her to sit and tells that they shall get Rudra and Prarthana’s marriage done again. He says tomorrow’s mahurat is good. She thinks she shall not make her worried by telling her about anklet. She says I will not let anything wrong happen in my daughter’s life.
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