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MUMBAI: Rajan Shahi's "Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai" is keeping the audience hooked with it's new track. Sirat's ex Ranveer's entry in the show has made the...Read More

14 Apr 2021 10:33 AM | TellychakkarTeam

MUMBAI: Sarabjit and Sandhya are trying to keep away from each other but it isn't possible.

Sandhya has made a good bond with kids and Seher, Karan are...Read More

14 Apr 2021 10:05 AM | TellychakkarTeam

MUMBAI: Uday and Vashma's life seems to transform post partition, here Amrit, Randhir and Veer's complicated life is shown.

While now Uday and Vashma are...Read More

14 Apr 2021 10:01 AM | TellychakkarTeam

MUMBAI: Karan and Preeta's life seems to change after the big confession, police comes to arrest Karan in Akshay's murder case.

Preeta thus speaks up all...Read More

14 Apr 2021 09:54 AM | TellychakkarTeam

MUMBAI: Pragya and Abhi's life seems to have taken a new turn as here Abhi has revived his lost memory.

Abhi thus gets Pragya back to Mehra mansion and...Read More

14 Apr 2021 09:51 AM | TellychakkarTeam

MUMBAI: Virat and Sai are at loggerheads at this point and Sai knows that she is right.

Sai knows that she is right at this point and she hasn't done...Read More

14 Apr 2021 09:49 AM | TellychakkarTeam

MUMBAI: Mahima has kidnapped Rudraksh to have Saransh and here CC and goons kidnaps Saransh.

Mahima thus cracks a deal with CC to have Saransh in return...Read More

14 Apr 2021 09:45 AM | TellychakkarTeam

MUMBAI: Kyun Utthe Dil Chhod Aaye is Sony Entertainment Television’s popular daily soap show bringing new twists and dramas in upcoming tracks.Amrit (Gracy...Read More

14 Apr 2021 09:45 AM | Tellychakkar Team

MUMBAI: Kartik and Sirat are trying to make terms with their past and present situation and moving ahead.

Sirat has revealed about her past to Kartik and...Read More

14 Apr 2021 09:42 AM | TellychakkarTeam

MUMBAI: It was seen that Vipul and Chetan planned to cancel Darsh and Nandini's marriage where they confessed the same to Nandini, leaving her much hurt.

...Read More

14 Apr 2021 09:38 AM | TellychakkarTeam