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Debina Bonnerjee sheds light on multiple aspects of motherhood; Talks about breastfeeding struggles and mom's guilt

Debina Bonnerjee recommended accepting chaos and not getting frustrated when things don't go as planned while speaking candidly about her experience as a mother. According to her, parents who can adapt to changing circumstances will undoubtedly have happy lives and cherish every second of them.

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Must read! Gurmeet Chaudhary REVEALS his spiritual connection with Lord Ram; Says ‘Some things should not be talked…’

Debina Bonnerjee and Gurmeet Choudhary tied the knot on February 15, 2011. While filming for Ramayan, the couple met and fell in love. Debina took on the role of Goddess Sita for the show, while Gurmeet played Lord Ram. Debina and Gurmeet are the parents of two girls.

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Stunning: Gurmeet Choudhary's jaw-dropping transformation from his portrayal of Ram to his current look will leave you amazed!

Gurmeet Choudhary and Debina Bonerjee portrayed the iconic roles of Ram and Sita in Ramayan (2008). The real-life couple, now blessed with beautiful twins, has seen Gurmeet undergo a significant transformation since his portrayal of Lord Ram in the show.

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