My father is my real Guru: Avinash Mukherjee

<strong>A page from the personal diary of Avinash Mukherjee</strong> Hello everyone, this is Avinash Mukherjee aka Jagdish of Balika Vadhu fame (Colors). Today I am here to brief you about myself. I was born on 1August 1997 in a Bengali family. Then, we used to reside in Noida, Delhi, but later we had to shift to Mumbai because my father Dev Mukherjee was working here. Since long, my father was working in this television industry and was very passionate about acting during his times. I was lucky enough to have inherited his talent.

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Anandi will suspect Jagdish

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Jagdish to commit suicide in Balika Vadhu?

The forthcoming twist in <a href=http://www.tellychakkar.com/news/gehna-strikes-again-dadisa-balika-vadhu>Balika Vadhu</a> will shatter Jagdish’s <a href=http://www.tellychakkar.com/news/shashank-jagya-vyas-plays-gay-tees-maar-khan>Shashank Vyas</a>) entire family. If sources are to be believed, Jagdish will commit suicide owing to the humiliation he faces at the hands of his seniors’ ragging at his medical college.

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Jagdish and Anandi to finally consummate their marriage

Ever since Jagdish(<a href=http://www.tellychakkar.com/news/shashank-jagya-has-played-romeo>Shashank Vyas</a>) has brought his beendni Anandi (<a href=http://www.tellychakkar.com/news/how-new-new-anandi>Pratyusha Banerjee</a>) home, he was waiting to spend some ‘cosy’ moments with her and consummate their marriage and now with their honeymoon track, the two will share some magical moments together for the first time in <em><a href=http://www.tellychakkar.com/news/jagya-anandi-continue-remain-separated>Balika Vadhu</a></em>.

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Is Varun paralysed for life in Balika Vadhu?

Sugna's (<a href=http://www.tellychakkar.com/snippets/neha-and-veebha-don-t-know-each-other>Vibha Anand</a>) troubles are not getting over soon in <a href=http://www.tellychakkar.com/news/shyam-sugnas-kid-gets-hurt-balika>Balika Vadhu</a>. Ever since her son Varun has fallen off the terrace her life has become difficult as Shyam has held her and her careless attitude responsible for the accident. In the coming episodes her problems will increase when Varun will not be able to walk on his feet.

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Jagya-Anandi to meet; story to focus only on them

It is time for grown-up <a href=http://www.tellychakkar.com/news/jagya-anandi-slowly-fall-love>Jagdish</a> (Shashank Vyas) and Anandi (<a href=http://www.tellychakkar.com/news/pratyusha-play-anandi>Pratyusha Banerjee</a>) to meet each other for the first time in <em><a href=http://www.tellychakkar.com/news/balika-vadhu-take-five-year-leap>Balika Vadhu</a></em>. The couple has been eagerly waiting for this golden moment to come into their lives.

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Pratyusha to play Anandi!

It is official now: Pratyusha Banerjee will play the grown-up <a href=http://www.tellychakkar.com/news/jagya-anandi-slowly-fall-love>Anandi</a>. She has begun shooting for the show in Jodhpur. Meanwhile the entire team is going through a tough time now due to the horrible weather conditions there.

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