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Tactic! Divyanka Tripathi REVEALS her approach to dealing with body shamers and avoiding the weighing scale; Says ‘I block people who body shame me’

One of the most well-known figures on Indian television, Divyanka has faced criticism from people who use social media to body shame celebrities, just like many of her colleagues. No matter how healthy she is, some still criticize her figure, and Divyanka has resorted to blocking them on social media, she revealed in a recent talk.

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Wow! Divyanka Tripathi opens up about parental pressure regarding motherhood after seven years of marriage with Vivek Dahiya; Says ‘We are taking it in a stride’

Naturally, a lot of people are interested in learning when DiVek will accept parenthood. The pair is having a great time and traveling the world, truly living life to the fullest. It was something that Divyanka Tripathi discussed in a recent interview. According to her, parents are now also inquiring about the same things from the pair.

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Must Read! Divyanka Tripathi shares reasons for her decision to not participate in Bigg Boss; Says ‘Very honestly, because there's…’

Divyanka Tripathi has appeared in various fictitious and non-fictional shows, impressing her fans with her reel and her real personality. While Divyanka was on the renowned stunt-based reality show Khatron Ke Khiladi 11, her fans were excited for her to be on the controversial reality show Bigg Boss.

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What! Divyanka Tripathi caught Vivek Dahiya pretending to sleep while she was talking; Here’s the truth!

The actress recently uploaded a funny video of herself and her husband, Vivek Dahiya, acting similarly. Divyanka can be heard talking nonstop in the video, believing Vivek is paying attention. However, when she looks back, she sees him engaged in another activity.

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