Deepika Singh reveals how yoga changed her life; Says 'It added a lot of mental peace'

She provided further detail about her experience with yoga, calling it a natural path. The actor mentioned how much she enjoyed experimenting with various yoga styles. She highlighted that her doctors had recommended yoga, which fit her lifestyle well, in addition to being a personal choice.

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Mangal Lakshmi: Deepika Singh suffers a back injury on the show set as plywood board falls on her

The protagonists must shoot even if they are ill because they are needed in most of the scenes. In many cases, actors even carry on filming the episodes despite their injuries. Deepika Singh had a similar experience. While filming the television show Mangal Lakshmi, Deepika Singh suffered an injury.

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Deepika Singh suffers eye clot during 'Mangal Lakshmi' shoot; Says ‘The clot is in my right eye…’

In an interview with the well-known news website, Deepika Singh revealed that she noticed a red clot in her eye when something began to irritate her eye during the show's filming. After arriving at the hospital in a hurry, she was prescribed medication, ointments, and eye drops in less than thirty minutes.

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