Kritika Kamra

Karan Kundra-Kritika Kamra patch up...are in love again?

The ambience has been rather grim and bleak ever since the unfortunate incident of Delhi gang rape case hit the headlines. We all have been looking for some good news since then. And what can be better than two souls falling on love…all over again in this case. What are we getting at…well…read on…

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Curious case of Karan Kundra...Madhura loves Karan...Karan still has feelings for Kritika...Result? One baffling love story

The concept of being in a relationship is a very arcane one. And if you are part of the television industry, then the dynamics change overnight. What are we getting at? Well…read on… Just a week back it was reported in media that Madhura Naik is in a relationship with TV heartthrob Karan Kundra. Madhura has gone on record to say that they are involved. She has even tweeted about the same which read, “@kkundra ill love u till the sky falls down.” However, Karan has maintained a complete silence on the entire lovey-dovey affair.

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