Panchayat 3 actress Sunita Rajwar decides to QUIT acting due to being typecast in maid roles; Says ‘I didn’t want to keep doing the similar type of role again’

Sunita claims that she has been an actor since she was a young child and expresses gratitude for the opportunity to pursue acting as a profession. However, she ran into trouble when she was constantly cast as domestic help, which made her decide to quit acting.

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Panchayat actor Sunita Rajwar feels character artists are treated in a degrading way; Says ‘When you do small roles you are not respected, you are not paid well, you are treated like animals’

Actor Sunita Rajwar recently discussed how the television industry works and stated that character actors, or those who play smaller roles, are "treated like animals." She said that the quality of the treatment was so poor that it forced her to take a two-year hiatus from acting.

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