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Ala Re Ala Govinda Ala...

Today (10 August 2012), on the auspicious occasion of <strong>Janmashtami</strong>, our nation celebrates to mark the birth of Lord Sri Krishna. The festival is not only popular in India but also across the world. Janmashtami is popularly known in Mumbai and Pune as Dahi Handi. Devotees of Lord Krishna celebrate this festival with lot of joy and zeal.

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Mr President...hamari maange puri karo...

The buzzing hot news all across the globe at this point of time is about statesman Pranab Mukherjee taking over as the 13th President of India. Now, being a President is no mean and easy job. One has to live up to the varied expectations of teeming millions. He has to battle issues like inflation, lack of infrastructure, unemployment, economic growth et al. But we are sure that Pranab da will manage to tackle all issues like he has done for all this years. He has been the pillar for Congress.

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