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Jayati Bhatia reveals Sanjay Leela Bhansali's unique way of appreciating Heeramandi actors for their performance on set; Says ‘When you give a great shot, he gives…’

As can be seen, the web series has a fantastic ensemble of actors, Jayati Bhatia being one of them. Jayati Bhatia recently reminisced about the days they spent filming Heeramandi and even disclosed that SLB had complimented her performance.

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Heeramandi's Shruti Sharma aka Saima reveals stereotyping of TV actors; Says ‘I don't know why this perception is there…’

Shruti Sharma plays Saima in Heeramandi, revealed in an interview with the popular news portal that her father granted her two years to establish herself in the industry. Shruti talked candidly about her preparation for the character of Saima, the difficulties of breaking free from the TV artist label, and other topics.

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Heeramandi's Taha Shah confesses to being a 'Lover Boy' similar to his on-screen character; Says ‘I used to put flower petals into the letter…’

In the series, Taha portrays Tajdaar Baloch, and his Loverboy persona has captured everyone's hearts. Regarding his romantic past, several conjectures have surfaced lately. The star has finally spoken about his romantic status.

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Heeramandi: The Diamond Bazaar’s Sharmin Segal faces backlash for interrupting Sanjeeda Sheikh during an interview amid nepotism accusations

The enormous settings and stunning aesthetics of the Netflix series have won praise from critics, but Sharmin's acting has come under scrutiny. In addition, the actress is currently receiving trolling for her habit of cutting off her co-stars in interviews.

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