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Bhagya Lakshmi actress Aishwarya Khare treats herself with a solo trip on her birthday; See PICs!

In the most recent episodes, viewers saw how Lakshmi decided to move to Mumbai with Parvati (Trisha Sarda) and they reached the Oberoi residence to meet Rohan (Shreyansh Kaurav). Malishka was startled to learn that she is still alive. While Lakshmi's life is about to take a drastic change, Aishwarya celebrates her birthday by treating herself to a trip by herself.

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Bhagya Lakshmi star Aishwarya Khare assists her on-screen daughter Trisha with studies on the set

Viewers saw in the most recent episodes how Ranjeet (Adnan Khan) kidnapped Parvati (Trisha Sarda) to employ blackmail to force Lakshmi to wed him. However, as soon as Rishi learns of this, he travels to Gurdaspur to save Parvati. While Rishi saves Parvati from Ranjeet and his goons, Parvati asks him to help her save her mother - Lakshmi.

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