Sayantani Ghosh

Currently my wardrobe is overflowing with clothes and purses: Sayantani Ghosh

Sayantani Ghosh, the Bengali beauty is a well known name in the world of entertainment. Gaining popularity via her stint in Colors’ Bigg Boss 6, the elegant lady recently featured in Life OK’s Welcome – Baazi Mehmaan Nawaazi Ki. Apart from being a good actor, she is also a fine dancer and has an impeccable sense of fashion. Let’s hear more from her:

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I splurge a lot on perfumes : Sayantani Ghosh

May be that's why Sayantani Ghosh last seen in a cameo in Bidaai smells good. She discusses her fashion fundas with TellyChakkar. <strong>Define fashion:</strong> Fashion is creating your own style statement and not just following d latest trends, being comfortable in what you wear, and also having a sense of the occasion and place you are going for. <strong>Who chooses your clothes:</strong> I choose my own clothes. Thankfully being a Bengali, I have always been artistically inclined, and also my modelling career (which I began in Kolkata) helps me in dressing up the way I do.

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Whenever I carry more money I spend it Sayantani Ghosh

Money. That's what drives everyone in the final analysis, whether in the glamour world of acting or the hard grind of scripting and producing. Cashin' In sits down with TV celebs to know well they handle their financial matters, and tracks their spending patterns. Sayantani believes in working hard and not thinking about money. She loves to spend money and live life to the fullest. She feels that she has to learn a lot as far as handling money is concerned. She therefore wants to understand investments and finance. Until then let’s figure how this Bong babe handles her earnings.

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My blouses are making waves-Sayantani Ghosh

<strong>Define fashion</strong> Fashion to me is primarily about comfort. It is about wearing what suits you rather than following trends. <strong>Who chooses your clothes?</strong> I choose my clothes. I do take opinions from friends but basically it is me who chooses them. <strong>Do you like to accessorise yourself?</strong> I do not like loading myself with accessories. I have to wear a watch necessarilybut other accessories depend on the occasion. <strong>Is there any particular brand that you prefer?</strong>

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