Kuch Reet Jagat Ki Aisi Hai Spoiler: SHOCKING! Everyone is shocked to know Nandini Ratanshi filed an FIR against Hemraj

Nandini saw that the well was no longer in Mama Ji's name. She was shocked to know it so she went home and asked Mani Mami about it. Mani Mami revealed to her that everything, including the fields and the house, was gone to fulfill Hemraj's dowry demand.

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Jhanak Spoiler: Anirudh starts ignoring his parents and Arshi

Anirudh has refused to accept that he has done anything wrong. Although Arshi and Shrishty tried their best to threaten Anirudh but he refused to give up and gives them befitting reply. Anirudh was upset with his family’s behavior towards him and how they never trusted him, Anirudh will confronts his family.

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