Aapki Nazron Ne Samjha, 24th August 2021, Written Episode Update: Charmy threatens to kill Gunjan

MUMBAI: The Episode starts with Nandini asking how did Rajvi get injured. Gunjan says I didn’t do this. She recalls going to Charmy. She hears Charmy and Rajvi arguing. Charmy scolds Rajvi for not keeping her promise. She says you asked me to stay as Nandini with Darsh, I would have not got any happiness, but I agreed to stay such a life to get a name for my child. Rajvi says I remember my promise, give me some time. Charmy angrily breaks the water jug. Rajvi asks her to calm down. Charmy says you don’t talk of my baby now, you will never see my baby’s face now. Rajvi says listen to me, you are very angry. Charmy shouts stay away from me. She goes. Rajvi thinks I feel someone is there. She goes to look behind the curtain. Light goes. Rajvi catches Gunjan and shouts. She tries to remove Gunjan’s mask. She removes the mask. She falls down on the glass pieces. Gunjan gets shocked. Rajvi sees Gunjan’s face. Gunjan says what did I do. FB ends.

Nandini says you didn’t think of Naveen, he will die of shame, you tried to kill a pregnant lady’s child, you don’t trust Shobit, he is trying to keep his relation with you, Charmy requested him to accept her back, but he refused, you had shut the doors leading to the family yourself. Gunjan cries and says listen to me, trust me, I swear, I didn’t wish to kill Rajvi, she got a push and fell. Nandini asks why did you try to frame Darsh, you bribed the lab assistant to change reports. Gunjan says I was scared that police will catch me, I just know you can save me, save me please. Nandini asks how shall I forgive you, you didn’t attack Rajvi, but you tried to kill her at the hospital. Gunjan says I was scared, what could I do. Nandini asks who used to inform you about our family talks, Shobit would have shared it with you. Gunjan says no, you are wrong. Charmy comes and scolds Gunjan.

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Gunjan thinks she will support me now. Charmy says I followed Nandini and came here, else don’t know what would have Gunjan said. She scolds Gunjan. She slaps her. She says I will get you arrested today, I will tell the police that you attacked Rajvi, you tried to kill my baby. Nandini says law will decide, leave her. Charmy pushes Gunjan. Nandini asks Charmy to calm down.

Gunjan says you are putting all the blame on me. Charmy says you locked me in the room that day and married Shobit, you tried to kill my baby. Gunjan falls back. She hangs to the railing. Charmy holds her hand. Nandini goes to help.

Nandini says we will pull you up. Charmy asks her to go and get a rope, get some help. Nandini goes. Gunjan says don’t leave my hand. Charmy says you think I m mad, I didn’t wish to kill you, if you stay alive now, then my truth will come out, you came to kill my baby. Gunjan says that proof is still with me, that glass piece has your fingerprints. Charmy recalls Rajvi falling injured. She sees Gunjan there. Charmy says her pulse is low, we have to take her to the hospital, why are you in disguise. She tries to remove the glass piece.

She removes the glass piece. Gunjan says I didn’t do anything, Rajvi fell on the glass piece, I will keep this glass piece, it has your fingerprints, remember this, you have no way, everyone will believe that you killed Rajvi, if you want to get saved, then you didn’t see or hear anything, you have to stay in this house as my spy, tell me what is the family thinking of the culprit, Rajvi won’t survive now, if you take my name, then I will give this glass piece to the police, think your baby will be born in the jail. Charmy asks if you take this glass piece, then people will ask about murder weapon. Charmy says its not a murder, its an accident. Trophy breaks.

Gunjan covers the trophy in the cloth and keeps it in the cupboard. She asks Charmy to disappear now, else she will be going to jail. FB ends. Gunjan says we promised each other to support, pull me up, please. Nandini looks for some help. Charmy recalls meeting Gunjan. She says I was starting a new life with Darsh, I have no feelings for Shobit now, I love Darsh, I can do anything to get him, I can go to any extent to make Nandini out of his way, our enemy is same, Nandini, we should make her out of our way, give me that glass piece, you won’t get anything by blackmailing me. Gunjan says no, I don’t have love for you, I will keep that glass piece until the police shuts the case. Charmy says fine, we should do something to save Darsh and also ourselves. Gunjan says save yourself first. FB ends. Charmy says you told me to save myself first. Gunjan says don’t do this with me. Charmy looks on.

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Charmy leaves Gunjan’s hands. Darsh, Nandini and Shobit get shocked.

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