Aapki Nazron Ne Samjha 24th July 2021 Written Episode Update: Gunjan makes an evil plan to bring out truth

MUMBAI: The Episode starts with Bansuri saying she isn’t Nandini. Darsh looks at Nandini. Some time back, Rajvi asks the maid to come with her. Darsh is with Charmy. Rajvi tells everything to the maid. The maid cries knowing Nandini has left them. Rajvi cries. Darsh tells Rajvi about Jhunjhunwala’s death. He tells everything. He says I asked my friends to approach Ishani for work, I m worried that creditors’ goons have come to her house for money, I won’t call, she is irritating. Rajvi asks him to make a call.

He calls Nandini. Vini says you want to trouble my mum again. Darsh says I came to ask if goons came again. Vini says they got scared of me, don’t trouble my mum, else I m joining karate in my school. He says please don’t beat me, I m scared, save my number, you can call me if you need help. She says I can memorize the number. He says this girl is so irritating, is your mum fine. Nandini asks what are you doing on phone leaving homework. Vini says Darsh always disturbs, he is asking for you. Nandini takes the phone. She says its my life, I can live any way, who are you to interfere. He sees Charmy and says be careful Nandini. Nandini says I m fine, what did you call me, my name is Ishani. He says I know that. She thinks how did he take my name. He thinks she is strange to answer me when I called out Nandini. She thinks maybe he made a mistake, I m an idiot to reply him.

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Rajvi asks Darsh to take care of Jhunjhunwala’s family. Darsh says of course. Charmy says I have prepared the mango juice. He asks her to teach the sweets recipe to the chef. Rajvi says yes. Gunjan gets angry on Bansuri. She says you are irritating me to make me leave this house. Bansuri gets stumbling. Gunjan asks what happened, you are getting breathless now, you didn’t see when I was getting breathless after washing clothes. Gunjan worries seeing her fainting. She gets an idea and smiles. She recalls Rajvi’s words.

Nandini and Vini get scared hearing some sound. They take the sticks and go out to see. They see Darsh fixing some camera there. He says good morning. Nandini asks what good morning, I can get you arrested for barging into my house, how did you come in. He jokes on her. He asks do you want to waste time knowing how I came in, or why I came here, how cute, both are wearing same nightsuits, of course, you both are same, I have fixed the camera outside the house, you can see that on monitor, I m a good man, I have no ego, I should have not come here after yesterday’s insult, but what to do, I had to come. She checks the camera box. Nandini says it means we can see the goons on this tv, how much is the warranty, can we watch cartoons and take a selfie by this camera. Darsh asks her to check the product box. Nandini gets the money and says we don’t keep anyone’s favors. He says 6300rs. She says just 6000rs is written here. He says I will show you, why that extra 300rs. He shows the rose plant. She asks why did you get this. He says don’t get me wrong, I felt sad seeing your state, I saw some videos, and saw remedies to quit alcohol, the video showed an interesting thing, you should talk to the plant and fall in love with yourself, then you won’t do anything that harms you, you will quit drinking.

Nandini says I don’t want to change anything in my life, because life doesn’t give second chances. He asks do you watch cricket, every team gets second innings, how can you say that life doesn’t get second chances. She says its not possible in my life. He gets Gunjan’s call. Gunjan says sorry, I was calling Rajvi. He asks all okay. She says no, Bansuri got an epilepsy attack. He asks what, Bansuri got an epilepsy attack, I m coming. He leaves. Nandini worries and thinks Bansuri will need me, but how shall I go there. Gunjan says Darsh will get Charmy here, once they come here, fake Nandini’s truth will come out. Darsh calls Charmy and says Bansuri got an epilepsy attack again, reach Naveen’s house soon. Charmy says not again, I m reaching. She calls Rajvi and says come to Bansuri’s house, I m also going there. She reaches and waits for Rajvi. Darsh comes and asks how is Bansuri, what are you doing outside, when did you come.

Charmy says I just came, car engine got hot and we had to stop to put water. He says you should have come by cab. Rajvi calls Naveen and tells everything. She says we have to hide this from Darsh for some months. Darsh asks Gunjan if she knows that song Nandini told. Charmy asks what will happen if we sing. Darsh says you said you sing for Bansuri and calm her down when she gets an attack. Charmy says oh that song, she has fainted now, it won’t help her now, I got confused. He says don’t take stress, I have called the neurologist, he will be coming. Charmy thinks what excuse shall I make to leave from here, Bansuri will see me and tell the truth. Gunjan thinks Bansuri doesn’t know the drama happening there, she will tell the truth. Bansuri gets conscious. Gunjan asks how are you feeling. Darsh and Gunjan ask her to see Nandini. Bansuri sees Charmy and says she isn’t Nandini. Gunjan smiles. Darsh asks what are you saying, she is Nandini. Gunjan gets happy. Bansuri asks who are you. She says Darsh, she isn’t Nandini.

Precap: Nandini meets Bansuri and says I have to leave now, anyone can see me. She turns to go. Rajvi comes and gets shocked seeing Nandini.

Update Credit to: Amena

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