Agar Tum Na Hote 14th February 2022 Written Episode Update: Abhimanyu tries to kill his own father

MUMBAI: Abhimanyu is slowly walking towards the garden when he sees the worker quarreling with her husband questioning why has he come after being drunk as if he stays here then she will be fired, her husbands says that he would fire her boss, she needs to ask him for money when the worker replies she has saved the money for their children so would not allow him to buy alcohol with it, Manaroma picking the mobile mentions that it is now the time.

Abhimanyu suddenly suffers an attack so questions the person why is he hitting the mother of the child, he exclaims she is his wife and he can do whatever he desires with her but Abhimanyu pushes her away and starts hitting the person saying that no one should hit a mother, the worker rushes inside informing how Abhimanyu has suffered another attack and would kill her husband.

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The entire Panday family rush out but they are not able to stop Abhimanyu from hitting but he even pushes Mr Panday away, Niyati tries to help him but Manaroma exclaims that she would not be able to control him, she herself asks Abhimanyu that he is her nice son but must not hit the person otherwise she would get mad with him and go away, Abhimanyu exclaims that he is a bad man since he is hitting his wife but he would kill all such people, Manaroma takes Abhimanyu away, she smiles after seeing her men who is standing at the corner, Niyati sees how that person gives the husband money, Niyati thinks that Manaroma is behind all this just because she wanted to take revenge from her, Abhimanyu enters the house, walking towards the room when Manaroma closes the door before Niyati can enter the room.

Mr Panday comes to Niyati questioning what is going on since Abhimanyu has suffered a lot of attacks but they were never like this as this time he is acting like a small child, Niyati replies they need to consult a doctor since the health of Abhimanyu is deteoriating really fast but for now she needs to go inside and give Abhimanyu the medicine, she asks them to open the door but Abhimanyu gets scared, he says he doesnot want to meet anyone, Manaroma also asks Mr Panday to tell Niyati to wait for sometime since Abhimanyu doesnot want to meet anyone, Mr Panday tries to reason with Niyati informing how Abhimanyu calmed down, he while resting his head on Manorama’s lap exclaims that the bad man was hitting his wife, he is therefore going to kill all those who try to harm the mothers. He still remembers how papa used to hit her when he was young and the time when her head got hurt really bad just because she went to call him for his birthday, it all happened because of him. Manaroma mentions that his father is a really angry person so he should never talk about this with anyone, he must only tell her this in secret, she exclaims her father wwill hurt her a lot if he ever talks with someone, she knows he also gets hurt when she is ill, so therefore he must never say anything to anyone.

Niyati exclaims she cannot wait any longer ad needs to go inside, Amma jee explains she feels Niyati is right since she is a nurse so knows how to handle Abhimanyu, Mr Panday calls Manaroma to open the door, she says to Abhimanyu how angry his father is and if they come inside then he would one again slap her, Abhimanyu informs her to not open the door and say that they have left the room when Manaroma explains they cannot say it since everyone knows they are still inside, Manaroma explains that she is going to open the door and when she does, Abhimanyu immediately explains that his father is a bad person, he starts to suffocate Mr Panday and doesnot leave even when they all insist, he pushes Niyati away when Manaroma explains that she challenged Niyati that she is going to do something that will turn the events as today a son is going to kill his own father and the entire blame would be on Niyati since she did not listen to him, Kinkar asks Niyati to bring the injection but she doesnot find them in the medicine box, she rushes out informing Kinkar that there are no injections so he should go to bring them. They all manage to separate Abhimanyu from suffocating Mr Panday, he starts hitting his head against the rod, Manaroma is able to stop him threatening to jump if he doesnot stop, Abhimanyu quickly leaves to hug his mother explaining that she cannot leave him, Niyati thinks he calmed down without the injection.

Mr Panday is sitting on the sofa when Daya asks if they should call the doctor, but he explains that he doesnot know why his own son is against him and feels that today a father has lost to his own son, he asks Niyati why Abhimanyu is acting like a child, Niyati informs she doesnot know because he suffered an attack yesterday and was acting like this, she explains that she doesnot know the reason.

Niyati walks to the room, Manaroma seeing her asks Abhimanyu if he would have killed his father had they not stopped him, Abhimanyu explains he would have surely killed him since he is a bad man for hurting his mother, he doesnot know what he is going to do but will not let anyone live if they hurt his mother, Kinkar brings the injection but Abhimanyu explains even she is bad person like his father, he doesnot want her near him and might even kill her but Manaroma calms him down mentioning there is nothing to be worried about, Manaroma asks Niyati to bring the injection making sure it doesnot Abhimanyu, he asks him to sleep now when Kinkar suggests that she should stay with him as he is not leaving her side, he asks Niyati to come with him, Manaroma seeing how Niyati is not leaving goes to her informing how she said only she can control him so there is no need for her in this house, Niyati replies she can only control him but she being his wife can care for him, Niyati leaves the room.

Niyati is walking thinking about Manaroma exclaimed she really loves her son but then why is she trying to harm him, she enters the room when Mr Panday asks her how Abhimanyu is, she explained she needs to talk with him, but when he questions she insists on talking privately hearing which everyone is shocked.

Update Credit to: Sona


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