Agar Tum Na Hote 15th February 2022 Written Episode Update: Abhimanyu sees Aanad holding the hand of Niyati

MUMBAI: Agar Tum Na Hote 15th February 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on

Mr Panday asks Niyati how Abhimanyu is when Niyati explains that she wants to talk with him in private when Amma jee asks what can she not talk about in front of them all however Niyati explains there is nothing to be worried about but she just wants to talk about the health of Abhimanyu so why disturb them, Mr Panday exclaims that he feels Niyati is right as it is better that he talks with Niyati.

Amma jee walks down the stairs when Mami jee mentions they have been living in this house but that girl asked them to leave however she doesnot feel it is not right when Amma jee questions why are they fighting with each other, knowing what is going on in this house yet they are still fighting however both of them leave in anger.

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Mr Panday exclaims he doesnot know what mistake he has made in the pas that his won son went against him to the extent that he doesnot even want to see his face, he accepts that he was not able to give time when he needed him the most but what could have he done since when they came from Bihar, they had to start all over again as he had lost everything so in order to once again achieve it all for his family, he went away from his own son, Niyati exclaims that a son doesnot hate his father if he is not able to give time so did he not try to find out the reason, Mr Panday replies he tried to know the reason from Manaroma jee but she said that children act like this when growing p, sometimes he feels that Manaroma raised him on her own but she never had any complaint and he knows she raised him well but just made a mistake and it was that she did not end the differences which he has with his son, and this pain eats him from the inside.

Manaroma sitting beside Abhimanyu thinks of as past night when she got married to Mr Panday while Amma jee had a child and that da when Abhimanyu was married to Niyati, she starts hearing the cries of a child in her mind and so wipes off her tears then slowly takes away the sarree from under his head before walking away.

Mr Panday exclaims what has happened is in the past and he cannot change it but now she has come to his life and he wants her to do everything she can to make him healthy once again, Niyati promises Mr Panday that she will do whatever it takes to help Abhimanyu, he blesses her wishing that she lives a happy life.

Niyati calls Dr Subash asking if he has seen the file of her husband so can he give any suggestion in Lucknow when he mentions that Dr Rakesh would be the best for her husband’s case, he is at the city hospital in Lucknow and she can give his reference. Niyati rushes into the car with the file, Manaroma sees her from the balcony so calls her men instructing him, he also gets in the car before following Niyati.

Niyati at the reception of the city hospital asks about Dr Rakesh but she is informed that he has gone to London, she asks when he will return but is shocked to find out he will come back after ten days, Niyati asks for an appointment just as he returns, she turns away with a file but is shocked to see Aanad standing in front of him, she doesnot even listen to him before walking away so questions if he was following her when he mentions he came to meet his batch mate, she says that he wants to talk even after what he has done, Aanad mentions they all think what wrong he has done but he was also wronged as she was about to marry him but went away with Abhimanyu so how could he accept it, Aanad assures that he did not change the medicine of Abhimanyu and cannot go back to Mumbai without seeking the apology from the entire Panday family.

Abhimanyu wakes up when he calls his mother, he questions how he slept at this time and where is Niyati when Manaroma explains that he can go to the city hospital as she is also there and he can leave with her, Manaroma thinks how she was informed that Niyati is meeting with Dr Aanad at the city hospital.

Aanad informs that he cannot start practice without seeking the apology from them, and when she forgives him then he can go with a clean heart, he even offers to help her in any way with the case of Abhimanyu, Niyati explains she indeed needs his help, Aanad and Niyati are siting when she informs Aanad that he has gotten two attacks in which he acts like a seven year old child, she doesnot know what has happened to her Abhimanyu.

Abhimanyu reaches the city hospital and starts searching for her but she cannot be found, he starts calling her however she declines it asking Aanad what does he think when Aanad explains that he feels this is the case of split personality disorder and he feels it is a true case, Abhimanyu questions why is she not answering his calls, so he tries to look for her.

Aanad exclaims that he is sure that this is the case with Abhimanyu, with whatever she told him then he finds out that he takes over the other personality and it is dangerous for him, she said that he tried to take his own life yesterday while today tried to kill his own father, and she said that his reaction was the same in both cases when he feels that Abhimanyu suffers any strong emotion then his other personality takes over, Niyati starts crying when Aanad takes her hand and he assures they both would be able to cure him, Abhimanyu sees them both sitting while Aanad is holding her hand, he is not able to bear it so leaves.

Niyati questions what can be the cause when Aanad replies that he feels that this split personality would be the cause of any childhood trauma, he questions what did she say to him that he acted like it, she refuses to tell him when he questions how can he perform a diagnosis on it, he says to summarize it all there is something in his childhood that caused him to be like this as it happened with the help of some medicines and the extra shocks, so it all is because of that childhood trauma, she recalls what Manaroma said so asks Aanad if they can cure him after finding out the truth, Aanad informs if she finds out what happened in his childhood which he was not able to fight then she can surely help him get healthy. Niyati is relieved.

Abhimanyu enters the house when Manaroma comes asking what happened since he was about to go with Niyati however Abhimanyu says that he was not able to find her since the call did not connect, she questions what is he hiding but Abhimanyu replies there is nothing to hide and she will come back after a while, Manaroma thinks she will now understand what will happen when she refused to accept her warnings.

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