Agar Tum Na Hote 15th March 2022 Written Episode Update: The kindapper blames Niyati for deceiving him by bringing the police

MUMBAI: Niyati explains that no one can be as close to the child as a mother, she only wants to save the life of her child even for it she has to give the money or her life, Abhimanyu replies he knows she has kept Guria in her womb for nine months, he cannot even compare himself to the love of a mother but he wants to save his daughter, she cannot try to end his love, he is trying to be practical because they both are in a situation which they donot have any experience off, he wants to work with the police but Niyati rep0lies he is making a mistake since if the kidnappers want the money, she is going to give it to them and bring back her daughter, Abhimanyu once again says she is making a mistake, Niyati replies even then she cannot tell him where the kidnappers asked her to come, she promises him to bring back their daughter, Niyati places his hand over her head making him swear that he will not follow her nor will he send the police after her.

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In the morning Ram and Sulochana calls Niyati after reaching the Pandya mansion, she rushes down to hug Sulochana while crying, Ram also consoles her meanwhile Aanad enters the house with the money, they all assure that everything will be sorted when Aanad agrees informing they have arranged the money and will surely save her daughter. Aanad is standing when someone comes informing that Chaudhary Sahab said they will meet Aanad here in the Panday Mansion. Ram takes the blessings of Amma jee, he then goes to Gajender questioning how did this happen under his watch as they took the seven days old child and are even now demanding the money, Gajender Panday is not able to say anything. Sulochana asks Niyati about Abhimanyu when Aanad asks Niyati to come since they will bring back her daughter, Manaroma asks Niyati to think before going as her actions might cause problems for their child. Sulochana exclaims her daughter is not doing anything wrong since she is only trying to save her daughter while Manaroma would be happy after not giving any money. Amma jee asks Sulochana to not say anything to her since she had not effect even for Abhimanyu so what is the point, Niyati replies that she would have to leave since they called her at ten, Mr Panday requests if he can accompany her but Aanad replies he is going to go, Niyati however stops him, she walks out of the house and turning thinks she is going to bring back her daughter and this is the promise of a mother. Sulochana prays that her Guria be protected.

Abhimanyu in the room is tensed thinking about how excited he was after hearing the news that he is going to be a father, and when the doctor revealed Niyati gave birth to a daughter, he looks at a doll but is not able to pick it, Abhimanyu hesitantly picks it in his arms, he kisses the doll since it belongs to his daughter, Abhimanyu sitting apologizes and assures that Mama is coming, he doesn’t even know if she is doing the right thing but her father is feeling the most helpless today, he hugs the doll apologizing. Abhimanyu exclaims that once she comes back then he would not let go away from his eyes, she is his daughter and life, he is constantly crying while holding the doll.

Aanad asks Niyati to reconsider since he might accompany her, Niyati refuses mentioning he has done a big favor by arranging the money, she asks how was he able to arrange such a big amount, Aanad looks to Ram who refuses when Aanad explains that he desired to open his own hospital for which he was investing, she must leave. Niyati enters the car and looks to Manaroma, who thinks if Niyati is making a mistake by going after the kidnapper.

Niyati is driving the car when the police are following her, inspector calls Abhimanyu revealing they are following Niyati in a private car and he must not be worried, Abhimanyu requests the inspector to fall back because if they intervene then it might cause a lot of problem for them all but inspector replies that he knows how to do his work, he informed Abhimanyu about all the risks so what happens if they do not return Guria after taking the money, Abhimanyu ends the call.

Abhimanyu is sitting when Manaroma enters explaining he is thinking correctly, she knows Niyati is a mother so is emotional and even she faced the same situation when she had to leave Angad but someone from them needs to think logically, she advises him to go with the police but Abhimanyu informs that he can even do it without breaking her vow, he would only observe her from a distance and intervene if anything goes wrong.

The inspector informs even Abhimanyu has given them a go ahead but they should not do anything to alarm Niyati and needs to observe Niyati.

Abhimanyu apologizes to Sulochana and Ram informing that he thought he would meet them both after the birth of his daughter since he is mentally stable but what has happened however he promises them to bring back both Niyati and Guria safe and sound, they must trust him when Ram doesn’t speak anything, Abhimanyu leaves.

Abhimanyu reaches the inspector questioning if Niyati suspected him when they assure they have just kept their distance and so nothing wrong would happen, they are following Niyati who is waiting because no one has come, Niyati sees the kidnapper coming, he demands the money when she insists he first give her Guria, he warns her to stay back but she tries to follow him, the entire Panday family is performing the Pooja when Angad thinks they should pray to him since he is god of the child for today and everything will happen according to his desires.

Niyati requests the kidnapper to give her daughter, he warns her to stay back as he will only give her the daughter after taking the money, she steps back so he manages to pick the money, the kidnapper notices the police, he questions if she deceived him but Niyati assure she did not bring anyone. The kidnapper starts taking his steps back which worries Niyati, she pleads with him to return her daughter.

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